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Comment Re:TFS is oversensational? Say it ain't so! (Score 0) 131

I can add that I have a working prototype of what it would be like in it's present state. I took my Nexus 4 and installed the Mako Lollipop AOSP ROM, no GMS apps are installed with a pure AOSP build. I then installed the pico version of Google Apps, which is JUST the Play Store. From there I installed nearly every useful app that MS has published to the Play Store. All the apps I listed above and a few others like Skype. Incredibly, the phone actually runs well, very fast and stable. The Arrow Launcher and Next Lock Screen are actually quite innovative and have some unique feature not found in most builds.

It's a damn sight better than the last ROM I was running on my Nexus 4: Ubuntu Phone. What a piece of dogshit that is! This is coming from someone that ditched MS on the desktop and server many years ago and has not seen a reason to go back. What I've seen from even a half baked pseudo build of a MS Android phone is almost enough to make me a believer in MS again.

Comment Re:TFS is oversensational? Say it ain't so! (Score 0) 131

No license need to pull from the AOSP repo... Any licensing with Google is for the Google Mobile Services apps, the suite of application that are the "googly" parts of most android phones. Play Store, Gmail, Maps, etc... The agreement is called MADA, Mobile Applications Device Agrrement. It's a two year contract between a handset OEM and Google that licenses the suite and requires that it be installed on the OEM's handsets. The downside of the MADA is that it disallows the OEM from forking Android and creating their own distribution. Company pairings of OPPO/Cyanogenmod and Amazon/Foxconn are examples of devices that do not have GMS because no MADA was signed. Alibaba and Acer attempted to fork Android and Acer was smacked down by Google's legal team because of their MADA.

Microsoft could push out their own fork of Android easily... They may already have such a creature in the works, judging by the apps coming out of Microsoft's Garage. They have the Arrow Launcher, Next Lockscreen, Bing, Cortana and MS Office for Android... The only three major parts missing are the app store, mapping software and payment app. But if they enter into a MADA with Google, they are locked out of creating a fork for two years.

This would not be a terribly bad move for MS, they would essential be taking a play from Tom Sawyer and they could leverage all the development being done by the hardware makers, OEM's and other source code contributors.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 0) 351

That's laughable because all the other inhabitants hadn't been rulers in that region, ever. There never was such a thing as a state called Palestine, nor a people called Palestinian.

Emperor Hadrian changed the name of Judea to Syria Palestine in 135AD. This was done in an attempt to squash over 200 years of insurgency by the Jews against Roman rule. Hadrian was just trying to clean up the mess left by Titus.

Comment Re:Good language support is important (Score 0) 75

One of the disappointments when I bought my daughter her first tablet was the absence of "The Airplane Game" on Android. It took her two years to learn the name GCompris, so she always referred to it by what the icon represented.

I love the fact that it now on Android since my second child is on the way. As for the shortcomings, most can be overlooked. I can forgive the poor english and the vague name... What's unforgivable is logging into the Play Store and seeing these words attached to an app for children: Offers in-app purchases.

As a parent,. nothing is more frustrating than to have an app nag the shit out of your child every couple minutes to urge them to buy some special tchotchke. Charge for the app entirely up front and save the microtransaction business model for the adults. You completely fuck up your altruistic cause of "helping to educate the children of the world" when you use the predatory bullshit business model so common with apps targeted to children. I am in your target market and I'm urging you to not drive me away by being a bunch of douchebags .

Comment Re: There must be a very good reason... (Score 0) 579

You don't need giant indoor dam, you just need a giant outdoor tank higher than the surrounding region. The problem is, big tanks like that are kinda expensive. Millions of dollars.

Expensive and, more importantly, dangerous - storing large amounts of power would risk a rather large flood. It would make more sense to excavate an underground cavern and pump water out of it to store power. This is (likely) cheaper, safer and allows far more height difference, thus more power per same amount of water and storage space. And of course you get a huge cistern out of the deal, too.

The Bear Swamp Project in Western Massachusetts has a peak generating output that exceeds that of it's neighbor, Vermont Yankee Nuclear. If Upper Bear Swamp Reservoir were a disaster waiting to happen, wouldn't the treehuggers be out in force, protesting the shit out of it? I doubt that 1% of the people in the Connecticut River Valley even know that Bear Swamp exists.

Comment Re:Next Woburn/Billerica (Score 0) 252

Wait for Lawrence/Lowell or Dorchester/Roxbury... That will happen right aorund the time they get Curt Shilling to act as their spokesman. Then project goes right down the shitter. The westbound drive on Rte 20 sucks, hardly worth naming a software project after it. Too bad he didn't live south, we might have gotten Marlboro instead.

Comment Re:Cell phones are usually tied to a person (Score 0) 445

All you need to do is go to a new carrier and sign on for service with them. As someone else stated, have a copy of a bill from your previous carrier. Your new carrier will generate a Letter of Authorization for a number port, you sign the LoA. Then the LoA and the copy of your bill that clearly shows the Billing Telephone Number and/or the number being ported are submitted by an agent or the carrier to your old carrier. If all the information on th LoA and Bill is correct, you number will be ported to the new carrier. The process takes 1-7 days in the US typically. If there is any info wrong on the LoA or bill, the old carrier has up to 30 days to notify of a failed port and you have to repeat the process with the correct info

I have 3 LoA's and 3 bills sitting on my desk, next to my work SIP phone, that are being submitted today for number ports. One is waiting for the customer to resubmit the correct bill since the number being ported does not appear on the bill they submit. The original carrier was slick and used the BTN of the customers DSL service for the number being ported.

My work SIP phone has several inbound paths, Toll free, DID, SIP, etc... It also routes calls to different places like my cell phone, other SIP Phones inside our company and even a remote extension at home. All my call forwards are setup and controlled by me. The question of whether or not I need a phone at my desk is as pointless as asking whether I need a computer at my desk. I need a device for voice communication when I'm at, near, or under my desk... and a desk phone happens to be the best device for the job. I'm the opposite with my computer, my desktop PC is relegated to basic functions, my laptop is the one I use to do all my real work.

I've got a bad feeling about this.