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Comment: Re:With that weak processor? (Score 1) 1713

by KingOfGod (#30931926) Attached to: Apple's "iPad" Out In the Open

Well that's true, except for all the whiners who THINK they're "good with computers" but then whine over how slow firefox/chrome/whatever is and how it takes "forever to load a simple webpage"...

This thing will be hacked in a manner of days from public release, and all your fancy multitasking needs will be accommodated.
But Jobs won't be to blame when you stuff it full of crapware and start spreading FUD about how it was 'always this shitty'...

No, single-tasking and appstore are just really, really good ways of accommodating 95% of the customer base AND keeping them happy about their hardware. Good motherfucking product design!

User Journal

Journal: Nobody RTFA's

Journal by KingOfGod

It took quite a long string of upmodded offtopic comments before I found someone who actually understood, let alone tried to comprehend, the article in question.

Yes I know, must be new here, etc, but come on...

Comment: Summary (Score 5, Insightful) 268

by KingOfGod (#29564547) Attached to: FreeBSD 8.0 vs. Ubuntu 9.10 Benchmarks

The article is of little use other than tell the general populace of Slashdot that FreeBSD 8.0 and Ubuntu 9.10 are right around the corner, and that we should be hyped. Also FreeBSD 8 is a little faster than FreeBSD 7.2 but a lot slower than Ubuntu Linux 9.10

I'm not surprised, however I do belong to the group that does not really care about relative performance to other OS's as performance is only one of the aspects from the vector of decisions we had to make to finally choose FreeBSD for mass-scale deployment.

Comment: Re:Aliens or AI FTW. (Score 1) 903

by KingOfGod (#29349353) Attached to: Which Breakthrough Is Most Likely?

They work together because skull crushing is easier when the crusher vs crushee ratio increases.

No matter how much we lie to ourselves and convince ourselves that our skull crushing is so absurdly sophisticated that it doesn't "count" as skull crushing, someone's still going to fucking own someones elses ass and crush their so-called skull if they don't get enough bananas.

Hu-mans are still primitive animals. All we have over the rest of the animal kingdom is the abstraction layer we call an "intellect" which is in place to distract us from the reality that we're participating in this fancy circus called life for exactly the same reason as stupid, skull crushing monkeys are: To eat and reproduce. Because we're wired to.

Now, I do agree with you that some time in the future, true civilized human beings that aren't just driven by instincts *might* develop here on earth - but so far I'm just gonna have to say that I admire your ability to hold such a positive outlook.

The major difference between bonds and bond traders is that the bonds will eventually mature.