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Comment Re: Scripts that interact with passwords fields aw (Score 1) 365 365

Heck, even browsers most of the times can't even tell that some html field is THE password field (because there's no standard...often they just guess).

You mean the one with the attribute type=password? That is the standard, and it's been used like, forever. AC, please stop talking about silly things you know absolutely nothing about.

Comment Re:Which is why you don't let this stuff connect.. (Score 1) 98 98

You want team players. People that cause problems are more trouble than they're worth.

Looked in the mirror lately.

My job is to get stuff done. I've done IT security for years, and I understand it well, but I'm not an ass like you, never was, never will be. I've long gotten out of that, and I my own business (technology based), and I write code as a consultant. Security is important, sure. But you know what happens if my company gets hacked? Wipe, restore from backups -- everything. Sure, it's not great, but the day or two we'd be down is far less than the time wasted implementing and enforcing draconian security measures.

Stuff that needs to be secure, is. All computers that gather, or store OTHER people's information (names, credit card info, etc) is on it's own separate network, firewalled off from everything else. Email servers are public facing. It is silly to say, sure, we will allow any old computer to send our email server mail, but oh no... an employee's iphone? Now that's a security threat. LOL. Seriously, WTF?

Comment Re:Which is why you don't let this stuff connect.. (Score 1) 98 98

First, you are an asshole. You seem to think that having the upperhand, and maintaining it and forcing others to your will is respect. You are mistaken. That's just being an asshole, and one that no one else wants to deal with.

Second, why do you believe that IT security deserves more respect than it gets? Perhaps it is just you that doesn't get the respect that you feel you deserve because you are an ass. I replace twats like you because you think in terms of absolutes from the inside of your little fishbowl and fail to see outside it, when it is your job to do so. Following similar logic, we should never carry money or credit cards on us, unless we put it in a bank-level security vault. And then we buy armored cars to go to the grocery store so we don't get our $20 stolen.

Again, as I said before, it is not the job of IT security to lock the company down so tight that no one could ever break through their security. If that was the case, it would be easy. Unplug all the computers, and throw the office in 100' of concrete and call it a day.

No, the job of IT security is to balance the need to maintain security while balancing the need of the companies workers to, well... work. Instituting policies that cause 50-70% worker inefficiency in the name of security will bankrupt a company as fast as or faster than having no security at all.

The fact you haven't realized that it requires balancing different needs is beyond silly. Have fun living in your underground nuclear bunker my friend.

Comment Re:Which is why you don't let this stuff connect.. (Score 1) 98 98

To be with me when I'm not at the office, cause I'm sure as hell not carrying and charging that blackberry piece of crap (at least not for free, and not likely for any amount the company is willing to pay)

Tell me why you can't secure your email server so that my iPhone can't securely access it?

Hit me with your best shot.

Comment Re:Which is why you don't let this stuff connect.. (Score 1) 98 98

And because of that, he doesn't fucking try me. And that ladies and gentlemen is respect.

No, that's called being a belligerent asshole.

You just sound like a control freak standing firmly in the "no" camp. I've seen IT like that, and ultimately they get replaced. That doesn't mean you have to bend to every silly whim, but there is a whole lot of grey between the two. It your job to weigh the risks within those two extremes and strike a balance between them to optimize the ratio between the two. It doesn't lie at either extreme in almost all cases -- regardless of what you think.

As for using company devices, I'd refuse. Well, I wouldn't, but I'd let management know that if they require me to carry a company supplied phone with me (or pager, or whatever), then I'll be billing them for the entire time I do (billing 24 hours a day). If they require me to physically come to the office in an "emergency", and it could have been prevented had they not had such draconian security, then I'm going to bill them for my travel time as well as the time spent at the office for it. I will however, give them my cell phone number, and they can call me if they want -- for free. If they want to email me something out side of business hours, and I can't access the email how it is convenient for me, then I will either get it when I get in the morning, or they can send it to an email address I'll provide them, but I won't guarantee absolute security of it, and it'll be on a shared email server. Their choice.

It has always worked out well for me.

Comment Re:yawn (Score 1) 63 63

There are lots of applications, the inability for you to think of them, is your problem.

You are the type of person who would have looked that the first computers and said, WTF? I can do that with my slide rule! And I don't have to plug it in. Computers are worthless and only makes sense in only a very limited set of circumstances.

Think cars that charge via coils in the road (or at stop lights, or your garage). Think of wireless mice and keyboards that charge off the desk they are on. How about being able to just drop your phone in a cradle in the car and go instead of searching for a cable and plugging it in first (or radar detector)? Any place where things are often changed this would be great. Conference rooms where everyone's laptop/tablet/notebook charges simply by being on the table? As you mentioned, robotic vacuums would fit nicely as well (although they are getting good enough at finding their charging pad now anyhow). Anything that needs to be waterproof.

Lots of applications where the "wireless" only needs to be measurable in millimeters, not meters. Just because you want it measurable in meters doesn't make the technology worthless.

Comment Re:Why are websites dragging their feet on this? (Score 1) 93 93

And I've argued this point to our creatives who finally caved. Why should you dictate how the video player looks? The user chose the browser, partially based on how it looks and feels, and you feel you know better on what they will like than what they've already picked? Nope. You want video, you can pick the size of the area it plays in, and let the user continue to use the controls they want and are already familiar with.

Comment Re:... and the hype for Windows 10 begins.... (Score 1) 405 405

I suggest people don't upgrade to Windows 10, because it's gotten all fat and bloated with those double digit numbers. Just think of how many places all the new applications will be when they have to update their stuff and they have to add an extra digit! Not to mention all the wasted disk space. I have a friend who can't fit another 2000 bytes on his system, so it's a non-starter for him. Single digit version OS's for life!

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