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Comment Re:All about IOPS (not bandwidth) (Score 1) 73

It was a skylake i7-6700k ($350), 16GB of DDR4 ram ($109), GA-Z170X-GAMING GT ($249), Corsair H90 ($105), Samsung 950 PRO 512GB ($298) = $1,111. I reused the case/powersupply/video card. I wouldn't need a video card for myself because the built-in video card is fine for office use (programming/server).

My gaming PC is a different one. i7-3930k, 64GB ram, 2 Samsung SSDs in a RAID-0, and a 980. (and a LSI 9280-16i4e with 12 3TB drives in a RAID-6) in which I run my games from a RamDisk, so the NVMe SSDs wouldn't help.

Still, the difference between a PC that is set up for RAID NVMe and not is minor, especially with the 950 PRO 512GB now selling for under $300. You can get 2 or 3 256GB's cheap.

Comment Re:RAID 0 is not for anything you don't want to lo (Score 1) 73

What do I do? Well, I run a RAID-0 of SSD for my OS. I drop both the failing drive and a new drive into my drive duplicator, hit a button, and approximately 5 minutes later I put the new drive into the box and it's running again. That is of course if SMART detects it before failure which is ~50% of the time. Otherwise I wipe and restore from backups.... I'm guessing about 2-3 hours as I haven't had to do it yet.

Comment Re:Why not... (Score 1) 146

Not done by Microsoft, but here is a benchmark that was done in July between IE, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox by Anandtech:

Benchmark IE 11 Edge 20 Chrome 43 Firefox 39
Sunspider 149.7ms 133.4ms 247.5ms 234.6ms
Octane 2.0 9861 22278 19407 19012

These are the relevant tests that stress the javascript engines. I've omitted the ones that test chrome's proprietary HTML extensions, or graphic rendering. There are plenty of other benchmarks testing the entire browser for page load times, and Edge does even better in those tests. Edge may not have the most features, or rolled in the experimental HTML5 stuff, but it is very very fast.

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