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Comment: Re:No wonder MSFT stock is up (Score 1) 137

by KingMotley (#47647869) Attached to: Chicago Mayor Praises Google For Buying Kids Microsoft Surfaces

I've used one for a while, and I found it very good. I don't understand why you think metro sucks that bad. It's an OS, and you SHOULD only be seeing metro for a few minutes per day. The rest of the time you should be in your applications actually doing things, and neither android nor ipads run any of the applications I need.

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by KingMotley (#47487343) Attached to: Chicago Red Light Cameras Issue Thousands of Bogus Tickets

No. Perhaps we should mostly focus on bigger things, and if they happen to see someone breaking the law, then they can handle it? We shouldn't have officers dedicated to looking out for trivialities, or at least not many.

No. Every person should be prosecuted for every single trivial offense until such time that we realize that many of those trivial offenses should not be offenses at all. By just prosecuting a "random" sample is to burden a select few with a punishment that most get away with. That isn't a fair or just system.

Comment: Re:Better way for Microsoft to earn trust (Score 1) 178

If you want to buy 20 machines today with a Windows OS, the only choice is Windows 8. Even though almost a billion PCs run XP, it is not possible to get a new machine with a legal licensed copy of XP without jumping through numerous hoops and shelling out loads of cash.

Odd, because the very first link I went to on Dell's website for business showed machines with Windows 7. I didn't even have to search.

Microsoft wants us to trust their word that it is not feasible to offer or support XP on new machines. This is not believable. Opening up the source code is the only way to prove or disprove Microsoft's version of the facts.

I haven't heard them say that. It just increases their cost in support for an OS that they get no revenue on, and backporting fixes to it takes considerable resources. Support has been extended multiple times, and even now you can still get support, but you have to buy a support contract from them for it, and yes, it is getting more expensive every year. Feel free to stay on it as long as you want.

Whether you agree or not is not important. Hundreds of legacy code developed for Windows platform using Windows development tools run only on XP and are not supported by 7 or 8. Customers are left with no choice but to rewrite code at great expense, often impossible since the vendors are no longer in business. In my view this represents a lock-in, whereby customers are forced to shell out large sums of money to obtain support for XP legally on new systems by investing in Enterprise Volume License Agreements and associated costs.

So you chose your vendors poorly, who didn't stand behind their poorly written products. I can write code on open source platforms that will likely break in future versions too. I can also pick bad vendors on open source platforms that may go under next week or next year as well. Your argument is irrelevant to your conclusion.

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by KingMotley (#47360797) Attached to: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Religious Objections To Contraception

You are talking about insurance benefits. Benefits are earned and used by an employee, much like money is. It would be akin to saying that if an employee decides to buy with their earned money that the company doesn't agree with, that they should be able to deduct the cost of it from that employees paycheck because they don't want to give the employee the money to pay for it. Essentially giving the right to the company to dictate what the money an employee earns can and can not be used for.

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To be fair, both were and still are cross platform compatible. .NET (BCL) and C# can be run on any platform and contain nothing that is tied to windows. They didn't actually write anything that ran on other platforms, but that was because there was a (mostly) lack of interest on those platforms to do so. However, Mono does run on many platforms and runs .NET code just fine, as did moonlight which was available for the mac ran silverlight stuff. Everything that anyone would need to actually implement .NET on another platform is freely available, and C# was submitted as a standards document.

Now they also do distribute some higher level classes that are tied to the windows platform, but those are the exact things you would expect would be tied. Mostly UI stuff that has no counterpart on other platforms (Forms, etc). Just don't use any classes that contain "Windows" as part of it's name and you should be good to run any of your code on any implementation outside of Microsoft's version for Windows.

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