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Comment Re:Should suprise no one (Score 1) 410

Yes, I don't use the concierge in my car because you have to subscribe to it, and I'd really only use it 2-3 times a year. I'd rather just pay the $10 each time, but that isn't an option.

Mobile router is useless, I'd just use my phone, or buy the AT&T mobile router and plug it into one of my cars USB ports for power (or the cigarette lighter).

Don't need an automated parking system.

I love my HUD.

The only app I use is Pandora, because I click the button and leave it alone.

As for what I want... Just display my phone screen on the bigger screen, and allow me to stream in whatever audio I want from my phone to my speakers (optionally, a button to start Siri and pipe my car's mic to the phone). Otherwise, I want nothing of my "entertainment system". My phone is so much better, and when I get a new one in two years it'll be even better, but my car entertainment system which was much more expensive, will stay the same crappy system forever.

Comment Re:A HUD is usefull... (Score 1) 410

Oh, and the GPS itself is terrible. It's slow, and the points of interest database is so bad it is virtually useless. If you subscribe to onstar however, you can use their app (or through through talking to them) to get a location from google and then send it to the GPS which will then get you there. Voice recognition is more of a joke I use with my son... "Navigate to Studio Movie Grill" -> "Did you mean slush puppy drivein?" -> "No, Studio Movie Grill" -> "Did you mean Arby's?" -> "??? WTF, No, Studio Movie Grill" -> "Did you mean Holiday Inn?" -> "????"

Comment Re:A HUD is usefull... (Score 1) 410

The corvette's doesn't have oil and gas indicators on the HUD (at least I don't mine configured that way, and I don't recall any option to do so). But I agree with the Grim Reefer. I definitely like my HUD. It's not a killer deal in off track driving, but it is very nice and you can see your speed and tach without taking your eyes off the road.

Comment Re:MIT researchers live in ivory towers (Score 1) 168

Not impossible. Tell it to write to disk, wait for it to say it has. Then cut power to the drive, wait 30 seconds, reestablish power, then ask for the data back. If it isn't the same, repeat until it is. It'll be slow, and likely kill your drives, but you can be reasonably sure the drive did indeed write the data.

Comment Re:Start open from the beginning (Score 1) 314

What world do you live in? I never get PDFs. It is almost always .doc, .docx, .xls, or .xlsx formats. It has always been that way no matter what the business was. That includes healthcare, manufacturing, accounting, advertising, government, financial, education, and pure research.

Comment Re:Bullcrap (Score 1) 515

Current versions of Windows were never "designed" to be single user. Sure the older Windows 3.x and 9x lines were single-user, but XP was based on the NT architecture which was multi-user from the get-go.

Linux programs can store their data and settings pretty much anywhere too (anywhere they have access to), but the vast majority do store them in someplace sane. However, there is a lot of really bad Windows programs out there that store things in stupid places. That is hardly the OS's fault however, and no mainstream apps do. The registry for user preferences, and AppData (or what the program thinks is the Program Files directory, which the OS remaps to Program Data or AppData depending). It's really not all that different.

Some applications do store things in the registry during install (they COULD just put them there on first run if they don't exist, which makes a LOT more sense), but again, that's up to the application to do. Perhaps it is time for Windows to actually start enforcing applications to stop doing stupid things rather than cave to allowing badly written apps to continue to function.

Comment Re:"software that can do more things..." (Score 1) 515

Then you really haven't looked.

MUCH better task manager, and resource manager. You can see what each app is doing, from network bandwidth, what ports it is using, what files it is accessing. You can see what drives are getting hit. See what apps at start up are causing a slow boot, and disable them if you want.

Multiple desktops. Powershell. Web server that supports HTTP/2. Built-in support for USB 3/3.1. Storage Spaces (More advanced RAID). DirectX 12. Smaller memory footprint, smaller disk footprint, faster boots and sleeps. Cortana. Universal Apps. Cleaner taskbar. Modern apps in windows. Screen casting. Forced updates. Distributed updates. Edge browser.

That's off the top of my head.

Promising costs nothing, it's the delivering that kills you.