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Comment: Re:Um.. we don't see it as advancing our career (Score 1) 125 125

I'm over 45, and have absolutely no problems getting hired. But then again, I don't just sit on my butt thinking the stuff I knew 20 years ago is highly relevant either. Always learning new stuff, always pushing the boundaries of what I know. Be the best, or die trying.

Comment: Re:When? (Score 1) 297 297

I think most experienced users know that if a drive is going to fail it will probably do so very early after purchase or years later,

Depends on the drive. I just replaced the 10th or 11th drive in a 13 drive raid array last weekend (3-4 drives remain, because 2 of the replacements also died). All those drives were 6 months - 18months old. The raid array is my own personal array, and doesn't see high volumes of traffic and all drives were originally of the ST3000DM001 model.

Comment: Re:Not really fair (Score 1) 77 77

If I recall correctly, the P4 was the first chip to allow multiple simultaneous execution. The new compilers just reordered instructions it knew the P4 could execute at the same time (a 100% speed increase). That is what lead to the huge increase in performance. You are most likely misremembering how intel's compilers wouldn't use some of the more advanced techniques on AMD chips because some of the AMD chips lied and didn't correctly implement the features they claimed they did -- which led to poorer performance than they might otherwise.

Comment: Re: Presumably the bug count... (Score 1) 204 204

I didn't mean to say try wee exact equivalent, just PC users have a tendency to turn up the graphic options that simply aren't on the consoles. Considering the current gen consoles are appriximately an ATI 7770, here's a decent comparison: scroll down to benchmarks and laugh. The 760 blows it away in every benchmark. Just do you don't have to click the provided link, ATI 7770 running crisis 3 @12FPS. 760 running crisis 3 @58FPS. That about sums it up.