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Comment Another Book (Score 5, Informative) 133

I've been using Ext JS for a little while now and when I went looking for books I saw the reviewed book and another one titled "Ext JS in Action" ( ). I ended up choosing the latter. While it is still in the process of being written the publisher has a early access program that allows you to get the chapters as they are written. I would definitely recommend the book to others interested in learning Ext JS.

Role Playing (Games)

Aion Shaping Up For US Launch 212

One of the most promising MMORPGs in development these days is NCSoft's Aion, a fantasy-based offering built on CryEngine. It makes heavy use of flight as a gameplay mechanic, allowing aerial combat and easy travel around the visually stunning game world. There are four basic classes — Warrior, Priest, Mage, and Scout — each of which have two subclasses. For example, Warriors can be tank-like Templars, or berserker-like Gladiators, while Mages can turn into a scholarly Sorcerer or command the elements as a Spiritmaster. Early previews of Aion almost universally comment on how polished the game seems — this is partly due to the fact that it has been up and running since November in South Korea. "Being stable, scalable, reliable and fuss-free is far from a given in MMOs, but Aion is all those things, and can already stand alongside the genre's usability kings, EVE Online and World of Warcraft. Its expansive, zone-free open-world environments look terrific and run smoothly on a wide variety of systems. It just works." Since the game is already in a relatively complete state, NCSoft has been running closed beta "events," where a portion of the game is opened for testing. MMOGamer has a write-up from the latest such event. Aion is due out in September.

Swiss Restaurant to Serve Dishes Containing Breast Milk Screenshot-sm 3

The owner of the Storchen restaurant, Hans Locher, plans on improving his menu with local specialties such as meat stew and various soups and sauces containing at least 75% breast milk. Mr Locher posted ads this week looking for women donors, who will receive just over three pounds for 14 ounces of their milk. Hans says, "We have all been raised on it. Why should we not include it into our diet? One can cook really delicious things with it. However, it always needs to be mixed with a bit of whipped cream, in order to keep the consistency." The grand unveiling of the new menu is sure to be a noisy occasion with every stray baby in the neighborhood crying and banging on the backdoor.

Submission Researchers create gravity in lab experiment

jcgam69 writes: Scientists funded by the European Space Agency have measured the gravitational equivalent of a magnetic field for the first time in a laboratory. Under certain special conditions the effect is much larger than expected from general relativity and could help physicists to make a significant step towards the long-sought-after quantum theory of gravity.

Submission Hacker does a DIY Amiga in FPGA->

An anonymous reader writes: Developer Dennis van Weeren recently announced completion of his from-scratch completely re-engineered Amiga chipset. His PCB design is fully operational and compatible and his verilog code has been released under GPL. Will this finally give the Amiga community a new breath of life?
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Submission Question of Piracy

kaylar writes: "Before there was recording media one had to attend the theatre
to see/hear a performance. Subsequently there were motion pictures
which still required one attend a theatre.

Radio and Television destroyed this paradigm allowing one
to buy the equipment, plug it in, and hear or see and hear
a performance without further expenditure.

With the advent of tape recorders I could take what I
was getting for free on the radio, put it onto a tape
and hear it when I chose.

(You can continue the historical background up to
dling on your computer)

The point is this, the 'losers' in piracy are not
the artistes or performers,they are the greedy
middlemen who make money off another's work.

Do the artistes get anything more or less when
I record a song from the radio or a show on
television? Nope. They got paid already, they
got paid when the station aired it.

I have no intention of buying a CD when I only
like one tune, or in buying DVDs. Just want to
see this episode and forget it.

The entire idea of piracy needs to be countered.
Especially where it suggests that the artistes
are the ones losing money.

How much money does an artiste actually get when
you buy the CD or DVD..and how much goes to the
battallion of middlemen, who have been rendered
United States

Submission The Top 25 inventions of 2007

coondoggie writes: "Ever wonder where the next great idea will com from? Well, seems likely it could come from this group: The History Channel and Invent Now, a subsidiary of the National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation, today named the Top 25 Inventions of 2007. These top 25 creators come from 17 states across the U.S. and their inventions cover a myriad categories, ranging from medical advancements such as a modular, information technology platform for motorized wheelchairs called the Gryphon Shield to environmental breakthroughs such as a green home powered by solar and geothermal energy. Other inventions include a shield designed to protect windows during hurricanes to a method that forces diesel engines to take in and re-use their own exhaust, reducing pollution. 1"
America Online

Submission AOL: The biggest Wi-Fi privacy invader ever?

PetManimal writes: "Preston Gralla points to a project being carried out by Skyhook Wireless, an AOL business partner, to build a private database of 16 million Wi-Fi routers throughout the U.S. and Canada, including network name and precise location. Skyhook has been gathering the data by driving trucks with Wi-Fi and GPS gear up and down streets in 2,500 cities and towns in North America. The data is apparently being gathered to support the AIM "Near Me" plugin which will show potential instant messaging buddies in your vicinity, but Gralla sees a more sinister side of the Skyhook project:

... Who's to say that they're only gathering basic information about your router? Will they also gather whether it uses encryption or not? Will they grab other information as well? One thing is very clear: Skyhook Wireless isn't spending all this money just so it can support an AOL plug-in. Its ultimate goal, it says on its Web site, "is to expand the market for Location-Based Services (LBS) by making precise location information accessible to users and application providers." In other words, the data will be made available to the highest bidder.

Submission Beer Launcher

wittmania writes: "John Cornwell has built a beer launcher that has a 10 can magazine and can launch a beer up to 13 feet. It is controlled by a keyless entry remote which allows the "user" to lift a beer out of the mini-fridge, loading it into the catapult. The user then uses the remote to aim and fire the launcher. Cornwell has a video showing the Beer Launcher in action."

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