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Comment: the most primitive of brainstems (Score 1) 377

by KingBenny (#45677147) Attached to: Study: People Are Biased Against Creative Thinking
can i get my rant on again about the bellcurve, and how the middle chunk is the remnant of the past cycle of evolution while the outer sides are constantly trying to invade that, eventually becoming what they dont like when they win ?
like fear of the unknown is a remnant from the eldest days of biology where anything unknown means something that might get you killed
ergo and q.e.d.
creative thinking is dangerous, its not that hard or deep to fathom how the homo sapiens works

Comment: here it is (Score 1) 227

by KingBenny (#45677133) Attached to: The Quest To Build Xbox One and PS4 Emulators
i was gonna say something to this but the newsletter would only let me post on twitter or facebook, lets see if i can dig it up ...

yea yea, the article is the-quest-to-build- somewhere on slashdodt and i was gonna say 'fuck legal, team satoshi didnt give a shit about legal obviously and now they're making law by abscence. Fuck unhackable, thats not possible. If you're the man, just do it, if you're scared, just dont take credit.' but it will only let me post on twitter or Facebook ? the decline of slashdot ?
good thing i put it somewhere, yea sure, if you can, why dont you, you dont have to put your name on it, you just post it on a few fora and put up a torrent through a vpn, put it on and 'the community' will surely take it up if it's worthwhile

Comment: Re:Fireworks in 3...2...1... (Score 1) 1251

= lulz, the sheytan is as old as the concept of the one god, its the anti-order of things symbolized in current society in all monotheism same symbol.
himanity is a bit older than that, if id fear demons id fear the ones who are so old they have no clue what a crucifix looks like. as they say in dutch : 'één pot nat' ... monotheism is monotheism, it reveres a single male symbol ruling all, wether that is a sandal wearing hippie, a horned guy on goat legs or a faceless god, i dont see the difference. The prophets were kinda wise men, the gods themselves have very little substance

Comment: Re:Maybe the Patent Office will notice (Score 1) 292

by KingBenny (#45677019) Attached to: JPMorgan Files Patent Application On 'Bitcoin Killer'
is this like where everyone in the U.S. gets to be punished for using bitcoin while the rest of the world happily continues with 'it' and the seventy altcoins, hereby effectively the 'congress' biting off one of its own paws in order to soothe the local elders ? I dont see a lot of impact coming from a bitcoin killer, it might live next to it

Comment: Re:Jackpot (Score 1) 617

belgian law would be quite clear on it i think its something like : if someone sends you an item you did not request they can not make you pay for it (in more expensive words) ... i dont know about uk, if i were to do that they'd tell me id have to learn from my mistakes and id have to start from scratch again ... i kinda like zavvi, they were kinda cheap and trustworthy, this makes them look a bit non-christmassy

Comment: is this still going on? (Score 1) 348

by KingBenny (#44983147) Attached to: UK MPs: Google Blocks Child Abuse Images, It Should Block Piracy Too
doesnt anyone have anything better to do like, solve the worldwide crises or fight the terrerists ?
is it possible to block ? does actual child porn actually exist on the frontface of the internet ? not like i ever googled and accidentaly came across a link that led me to reportable imagery. Unless run-over roadwhores in sneakers and pigtails are considered
that, i think it would be way more productive if google tried to remove the first two pages of non-paying links on popular searches since about all of those lead to some kind of this-is-what-you-need-to-do-*keyword*-just install this (thing that will then download and install what you need in order to get to or install *keyword* but in fact replaces your search with something that gathers data and or installs a bit of malware on the side)
i dont think piracy sites need search engines anyway, i remember the days (dramatic music in the background ...) where people swapped floppy disks, maybe piracy was more like a social thing then and my ever-returning topic : im sure the old people in charge of copytrolling remember the days when home recorded cassette tapes were destroying the music industry and cost the beatles their third pool a year as well
i also still think that the cut in losses if suddenly all sites went down would be negligible since its far from proven that everyone who downloads a blockbuster or game would actually for out the money if they couldnt, no one ever really makes statistics on that
as far as uk-news goes i found the bit where the chief of police appeals to 'end the war on drugs' a lot more interesting anyway

Comment: Re:Give consumers more privacy? (Score 1) 147

by KingBenny (#44929935) Attached to: Google May Replace Cookies With Unique AdIDs
maybe its just supposed to work like ceci n'est pas un cookie and screw the whole law about no cookies without consent
or maybe not
but would it be a cookie by law if its not a cookie at all ? maybe they should sell it like that to the ad industry, yes google sure, i need about $25k after that im sure i can fix the rest myself, feel free to donate
right ... trippin .. sorry

Comment: Re:gargantia (Score 1) 202

by KingBenny (#44918775) Attached to: US Killer Robot Policy: Full Speed Ahead
talking to myself ... people in isolation etc ...
im not even willing to think at whats possible when the security of something like this is breached
people reading data streams by capturing the flux of a led light on a piece of hardware from across the street, logins made to believe they got the right signal without actually entering a password, intercepting data streams to authenticate im sure no one here will come up with the idea that anything at all is ever completely unhackable

Comment: gargantia (Score 1) 202

by KingBenny (#44918629) Attached to: US Killer Robot Policy: Full Speed Ahead
The way my laymans arse sees it. Human response time is limited because of the physical structure, flexibility and hulk of the body combined with the speed it takes for a signal to reach the appropriate part of the body via the nervous system. Somehow it seems possible to train this over time into reflexes. Excuse my lack of terminology i have these two systems named here in my big book as well as the speed of thought through the body but names and numbers are not the point here for me.
Other than that the capability of interpretation for a human brain far exceeds anything any supercomputer even today could muster. Let alone the physical impossibility to fit a supercomputer into a functional killer robot so in my educated guess id say a mind-machine interface here working on actual brainwaves that can be caught and used as signals might be the best solution for this (if at all possible with current technology).
a human 'pilot' could oversee a whole field of view in the proverbial blink of an eye and the machine could analyse the signals there, making it possible to (almost) instantly discard all non how do they say this, threats? offensive targets ? and effectivele shooting out everything but civilians. This would eliminate the need for human physical response and eliminate the lack of machine judgment.
since the japanese are keen on it maybe namco bandai or capcom could build the mechabotsim to rule them all while sony can make the rudimentary controller system, sponsored by the military it would be the best way for analytics to do something real and scout out the most promising gundam pilots at very young age
like what the f am i saying here, does it make sense?
now that i re-read it .. yea it does but i dont know if i would want to be part of it

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