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Comment: Colorado State PHD student article from a week ago (Score 1) 514 514

http://blog.sustainability.col... Pretty timely, and hopefully more people in the scientific sector will take this approach: winning the hearts and minds of the public isn't primarily a facts-driven task. It's one that has to take into account the origin of the fears and is as much a public relations issue as "THE SCIENCE SAYS ...". Even if the science does say :)

Comment: Re:Headers (Score 5, Insightful) 562 562

That's not accurate. They are selling you a service by a standard measure, and that should be an absolute measurement. When you buy gasoline, you are buying a fairly exact amount, and the pumps are regularly measured to ensure they're providing the stated amount. If the petrol station started using their own "proprietary" measurements? GTFOOT.

Comment: Self consistency optional. (Score 5, Insightful) 55 55

"Light can travel through a silk strand as easily as it does through a fiber optic cable. ..... it had about four orders of magnitude more loss than the glass." It couldn't even be self-consistent in the SUMMARY? *sigh* Someone's going to have a bad case of the Mondays.

+ - Major Outage at DreamHost-> 1 1

dgrotto writes: Following the trend from last year, DreamHost is suffering from what they describe as "connectivity issues to some of our datacenters". What I find interesting is that all of my WordPress installations on DH are compromised (BASE64 encoded binary in all PHP files). Is this a symptom of the "connectivity issues" or a result?
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Comment: Re:A child died, playing hide and seek (Score 2, Insightful) 284 284

Sorry, bullshit on that. Growing up, we hid in cupboards, under the kitchen sink, in the fridge, everywhere when playing hide and seek. My dad actually went through several plate glass windows in one game. You're severely underestimating the imagination of children, or you had a crappy childhood.

+ - Time: Firefox 4 RC 1 Posted, IE9 Launch Confirmed->

An anonymous reader writes: The next generation of browsers is ready to land. Microsoft just confirmed that IE9 will launch on March 14 (9am for those who cannot wait) and Mozilla is just released the download link of Firefox 4 RC1. As usual, the official announcement is expected to arrive later today. Mozilla said that it does not expect to make any changes to this release anymore and (hopefully) publish it as Firefox 4 shortly.
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Comment: The world is full of pansies now. (Score 2) 352 352

Does anyone remember the old days of Everquest? Now THERE were consequences. You've played played the character for YEARS as opposed to a measly 50 hours, and you kill one random fish and "Feel the hatred of an entire race"... Or part of your epic quest requires you to sacrifice being able to enter your home city without being attacked. So people worrying about small forks in a game where you can always just start over make me chuckle inside. Oh, how soft we've gotten... and I'm sure the Barbarians of Halas still hate my ranger, as well as the High Elves, just for killing that Royal Fish in Lake Rathetear... Consequences make you care.

+ - NSA Considers Its Networks Compromised-> 1 1

Orome1 writes: Debora Plunkett, head of the NSA's Information Assurance Directorate, has confirmed what many security experts suspected to be true: no computer network can be considered completely and utterly impenetrable — not even that of the NSA. "There's no such thing as 'secure' any more," she said to the attendees of a cyber security forum sponsored by the Atlantic and Government Executive media organizations, and confirmed that the NSA works under the assumption that various parts of their systems have already been compromised, and is adjusting its actions accordingly.
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