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Just to follow up my preceding response, I'm not coming out in strong agreement Bryan Fischer. He's certainly channeling some Old Testament prophet thinking, with the vast difference that they were understood to be proper prophets. Fischer, not so much. Thus, everyone should prayerfully repent as required, but it's far from clear that there is any judgement coming prior to the Apocalypse.
I really don't traffic in fear and guilt: sorry.

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So, beyond our "I know you are, but what am I?" circles, what is there? I came from your dead POV into life.

You just play shallow religious/political games to avoid facing the truth.

I met the truth, and it broke me utterly. You can call me anything under the sun, but "shallow" is laughable. Faith, in the ultimate sense, is really all I have. All of the other materialistic mumbo-jumbo is transient.

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