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OEMs Allowed To Lock Secure Boot In Windows 10 Computers 361

Posted by Soulskill
from the feel-free-to-do-whatever-we-want-with-your-new-computer dept.
jones_supa writes: Hardware that sports the "Designed for Windows 8" logo requires machines to support UEFI Secure Boot. When the feature is enabled, the core software components used to boot the machine are verified for correct cryptographic signatures, or the system refuses to boot. This is a desirable security feature, because it protects from malware sneaking into the boot process. However, it has an issue for alternative operating systems, because it's likely they won't have a signature that Secure Boot will authorize. No worries, because Microsoft also mandated that every system must have a UEFI configuration setting to turn the protection off, allowing booting other operating systems. This situation may now change. At its WinHEC hardware conference in Shenzhen, China, Microsoft said the setting to allow Secure Boot to be turned off will become optional when Windows 10 arrives. Hardware can be "Designed for Windows 10," and offer no way to opt out of the Secure Boot lock down. The choice to provide the setting (or not) will be up to the original equipment manufacturer.

+ - Atari copyright trolls gaming legend Jeff Minter over TxK->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Atari — now a copyright troll?? "Llamasoft founder Jeff Minter has publicly accused Atari of acting as a "copyright troll" and threatening him with legal action in an effort to stop him from selling his Tempest-esque PlayStation Vita game TxK, porting it to new platforms or ever making another Tempest-esque game again.""
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+ - The first stars in the Universe were invisible

Submitted by StartsWithABang
StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "You'd think it would be enough to form some stars, and "let there be light" would be a reality. But these stars don't become visible for literally hundreds of millions of years until after they form. It's not that they don't emit light — they do — but rather that the Universe is opaque to that light for up to half a billion years after those stars form. While modern telescopes like Hubble are inherently limited by this fact, the James Webb Space Telescope, which will observe in wavelengths that these dusty particles ought to be transparent to, might be able to finally probe the true light from the very first stars."

+ - United flight costs less due to IT glitch, customer charged more after the fact->

Submitted by ugen
ugen (93902) writes "This is a discussion on Flyertalk. Evidently, a United passenger accepted an attractive offer of upgrade when booking a flight on United.com. After flight was complete, United decided that the fare offered was an IT glitch, and charged the customer's credit card additional $1200 without prior notice."
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Comment: Re:Circumcised at age 18? (Score 3, Interesting) 221

by KiloByte (#49255925) Attached to: World's 1st Penis Transplant Done In South Africa

Not so far ago, somehow my foreskin slipped off. I couldn't adjust it immediately, and chafing was so bad I was hardly able to walk. This makes me think: those circumcised must be bereft of nearly any feeling in their penises due to callusing.

Those who suffered genital mutilation as newborns don't know the difference, but men in tribes like this that practice circumcision on adults should have known better. Is the religious custom so strong to force them anyway?

Comment: Re:Classic Slow News Day article or what? (Score 3) 277

by KiloByte (#49207703) Attached to: Daylight Saving Time Change On Sunday For N. America

Except that ntp doesn't handle time zones at all. What ntp does is synchronizing clocks to UTC, the operating system then adds a local offset. While distributing whatever changes to tzdata your politicians in their wisdom did this year (or worse, this week) is an interesting problem, it has nothing in common with ntp.

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