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Comment: Re:It should be (Score 2, Interesting) 364

by KiloByte (#47870775) Attached to: Text While Driving In Long Island and Have Your Phone Disabled

It boggles me why, on the left side of the pond, you have people with multiple DUI convictions who still get permits to drive on selected routes.

Here in Poland, quite a few people push for the first DUI mean losing the driving license for life. I'd say that's overkill, but 5 years or so of absolute driving ban for a DUI would be just right. It's a kind of a murder attempt, after all.

Comment: Re:Or so they say... (Score 1) 142

by KiloByte (#47854545) Attached to: Feds Say NSA "Bogeyman" Did Not Find Silk Road's Servers

It doesn't matter if they are lying through their teeth when they say that. Because they claim it to be true, we can use that as further justification that the NSA's mass-surveillance hasn't done squat.

Because they're busy using that surveillance spying on political and business opponents. Come on, citizen, you don't want to take resources away from that to put then to unimportant stuff like catching criminals and preventing terrorism, do you? Heck, if we caught terrorists before they strike, the terror would be gone and this would risk pulling resources away public support from the surveillance!

Comment: Buck feta (Score 1, Offtopic) 102

by KiloByte (#47843095) Attached to: Some Core I7 5960X + X99 Motherboards Mysteriously Burning Up

Why in the blazes the inter-Slashdot link leads to the Beta travesty? If I, due to some mental malady, would prefer Beta, I'd set it as my default.

Why does even Dice keep Beta afloat after it failed? I seriously hope the plans to make it the main -- and only -- interface are gone. Oh well, there's still Soylent...

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