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Comment: Windows (Score 0) 531

by Killerfishmonkey (#46381063) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Software Can You Not Live Without?
First off... Windows 7 is the only way to go. It is stable, and you get to access all those sweet videogames. But before all that, the standard software. Your specific hardware drivers. The latest ones. set the schedule now. Defrag should run once a week, I run mine in the night on Wednesday. if you shut the PC down after every use though. get AUSLogics Defrag. It will run if the computer is idle for 15 mins. Google Chrome - Google Picasa - Ccleaner - Try and find a version of Office that does not require a monthly bill. Office 365 is a very horrible idea and I have no idea why someone would pay for it monthly. then again there is open office which is free.

Comment: Mathematically improbable. (Score 0) 193

by Killerfishmonkey (#43659223) Attached to: Using YouTube For File Storage
Let us say you encoded a 24P 9 hour video of QR codes. (maximum size available is QR code version 40 177*177 with correction level L) at 23,648 bytes of data source from using math you get 23648 bytes for 24 frames is 24*23648 = 56752 bytes per second for a Minuit is 60 seconds so 56752 * 60 = 34053120 bytes per minuit 60 minuits an hour means 34053120*60 = 2043187200 bytes per hour 9 hours of video so 2043187200*9 = 18388684800 bytes Bytes to gigabytes you get 17.13 GB might as well store the same data on a 50 GB bluray disk a system to read and decode QR data for 24 frames per second would be far more costly than a bluray writer.

+ - robot phone call

Submitted by
Killerfishmonkey writes "Dear Slashdot..
I just received a phone call from what I believe is a robot.
the company is affinity savings club. I really wish I had recorded this somehow.
I always listen to telemarketers, and I never buy. but this time I kinda was curious to make a purchase. shazam my credit card is not in my wallet.. so I ask if they accept paypal.. the voice said "YES,,,, YES." long pause. I say.. "how do you want me to pay using pay pal.. via e-mail? text?" the voice says "we accept visa, Mastercard, and american express." I say. "sooo.. no paypal then right?" the voice ".......NO" I then say "I get the feeling I am talking to a robot" there was a slight pause and the voice says "oh I sound that good hu? ha ha ha ". so I ask my favorite news source.. is there a sort of turring test I can give to a telemarketing voice using cleverly pre-recorded human voice?. maybey I could say "you sell refrigerators right?""

+ - There are now more cell phones in the U.S. than pe->

Submitted by zacharye
zacharye (2330148) writes "For the first time, the number of wireless devices connecting to cellular networks in the United States and its territories over the past six months has surpassed the country’s total population. A semi-annual survey conducted by the CTIA found that wireless subscriber connections now total 327.6 million while the population of the U.S. and its territories is now 315.5 million people. This means the wireless penetration rate in the U.S. in now 103.9% according to the CTIA, marking the first time that wireless penetration has surpassed 100% in the U.S..."
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Comment: Killerfishmonkey (Score 1) 122

by Killerfishmonkey (#34482056) Attached to: The New Reality of Gaming
Eve Online at is exactly as you say " a sandbox where everybody has the same tools, yet everyone achieves different results" in eve.. you do have to level up, but it has a real world economic structure in the market where an individual person can have trillions worth of assets and steal or destroy thousands of dollars worth of asses in real world equivelent value download the video here >> . I'm really supprised EVE is not more popular than WOW in the level of sandbox style gameplay

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