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+ - Man will do anything legal on his Twitter->

Submitted by Killer Orca
Killer Orca (1373645) writes "A very, very foolish man has gotten himself a trip to France paid for by his company by agreeing to do whatever* people tell him to on Twitter. The exceptions are the act has to be legal and he still gets to eat, drink and sleep without being told he can. Anyone wanting to watch him not do every legal thing he is asked to do can go here he will be wearing a camera on his glasses, anyone who wants to tell him what to do can go here

My first suggestion is to make him drink his own urine, that's not illegal."

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+ - Negative effects of violent videogames proven

Submitted by Killer Orca
Killer Orca (1373645) writes "It appears that violence in videogames has once and for all been definitively proven. A release from Iowa State University describes a study using meta-analytic procedures — the statistical methods used to analyze and combine results from previous, related literature — to confirm the findings. The original release is here but attempts to find the study itself have proved fruitless only the journal it was published in"

+ - Hulu talks of going behind a paywall in 2010->

Submitted by Killer Orca
Killer Orca (1373645) writes "Chase Carey, the deputy chairman of News. Corp has stated that Hulu will soon be charging for broadcast content. Not all content will be paid but there is no mention of whether premium channels like HBO will eventually be added or whether the advertisements will go away for paid content. Either way this represents a significant turning point for Hulu."
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