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by Killer Instinct (#41517301) Attached to: Ask Steve Wozniak Anything
I had hoped by now we would have computers in the classroom teaching, with teachers available to answer the questions various students had along the way. My kids are a lot like me in school, bored out of their mind most of the time. (although they seem to not get in as much trouble as i did) And it seems like the class material is being watered down to help with the gap between various students range of understanding, but that really hurts everyone.
As a follow up question...Would computers presenting material at the speed of each students understanding be at least a small step towards " when a computer becomes conscious and caring and becomes the best friend that each student wants to be with.." And if so, what is the biggest hurdle of getting a system like that in place? Hardware costs? Software costs? Voter apathy towards education?

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I worked on the Flight Management System (back in 98-99) for the Boeing 777. It could take off, fly the designated route, and land without any human intervention. I would not be surprised if there have been flights using only the FMS and no human interaction. The reason given why they were not using it was no one would fly on a plane without a human pilot...not that the pilot HAD to fly the plane. Chances are there are flights everyday where the pilot is just along to make u feel "safe".

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