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Comment Re:WHO - 1.5 million died from heart disease in 20 (Score 1) 46

ebola is transmitted when you touch an infected person who is dying or died from it or get their bodily fluid in you. we know this now. what is so unexpected about that? even the people living in the affected areas are changing their behavior. 6k people a year die from texting while driving...its the media driving the ebola hysteria. enough already.

Comment WHO - 1.5 million died from heart disease in 2012 (Score 1) 46

WHO estimates 20k will be infected with ebola and around 2/3 may die dues to it. Yet it is all over the news. meanwhile WHO states 1.5 million died from heart disease in 2012
makes you wonder who is trying to cover up what these days

And where is the MH370 plane?


Comment My experience (Score 4, Interesting) 392

If you can get a job in the field you would like, then it doesn't matter. How you go about getting the first job isn't clear (or wasnt clear to me at first) but here is how I did it. I got a job as a very very low paid software tech (under $10/hr in the mid '90s), then met a contractor who told me about contracting. I sent out 20-30 resumes to job shops (used CE Weekly). Got my first job (1800 miles away) as a contract systems engineer. Talked my new boss out there into letting me code. 6 months later was hired as a contract software engineer back at the place I originally started as a software tech. The rest is history. Have almost 20 years experience now. And I have no colleg or university degree. So i'm not so sure it matters what degree you have, as long as you can code and understand technical problems and solve them not just patch them(engineering). A degree probably makes it 100% easier to get that first job, BUT its not the only way.. (hence the type of degree wont/doesnt matter)

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