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Diesel can't be compared with gasoline MPG. One barrel of crude oil, when refined, produces about 19 gallons of finished motor gasoline, but only 10 gallons of diesel.

One barrel of crude oil can be refined into 19 gallons of gasoline and 10 gallons of diesel. In addition to a bunch of other useful petroleum products. Its not like those 19 gallons of gasoline are somehow equivalent to 10 gallons of diesel.


Windows 7's Media Hype Having the Opposite Effect As Vista's 864

Death Metal Maniac tips an Ars Technica piece suggesting that the media's coverage of Vista's flaws portrayed the operating system as worse than it was, and, if early reports on Windows 7 are any indication, positive hype will create the opposite reaction this time around. Quoting: "... the problem is exaggeration; ... bloggers and journalists alike use their personal experiences to prove their point in their writing. The blame doesn't solely lie with us, as Vista was by no means perfect, but we did manage to amplify the problems beyond reason. And if the beta is anything to go by, Windows 7 is going to fly. This is, by far, the best beta operating system the software giant has ever released. The media has locked on to this, and is using exaggeration already, before Windows 7 is even ready for prime time." Apparently a decent beta can succeed where $300 million and Jerry Seinfeld failed.
Role Playing (Games)

Second World of Warcraft Expansion Launched, Conquered 386

The much-anticipated second expansion to World of Warcraft, entitled Wrath of the Lich King, launched on Thursday, introducing a new continent, raising the level cap to 80, and bringing a wealth of new items, spells, dungeons, and monsters to the popular MMO. Crowds gathered and lines formed outside stores around the world leading up to the release. Massively has put together a series of articles for players wishing to familiarize themselves with the expansion, and CVG has a piece discussing the basics as well. It didn't take long for the first person to reach level 80; a French player called "Nymh" reached the level cap on his Warlock only 27 hours after the expansion went live. Not to be outdone, a guild named "TwentyFifthNovember" managed to get at least 25 raiders to 80 and then cleared all of the current expansion raid content less than three days after the launch. Fortunately for them, the next three content patches are each expected to contain new, more difficult raids.

Comment Re:Definately (Score 1) 556

"Movie stars are people. Corporations, such as Apple, are not people. They are businesses, at all times. Business practices and information are always in the public interest. Trade secret laws have been dubious from the get go. When information gets out from a company (whether in violation of an NDA or not) that information is almost always in the public interest."

(emphasis mine)

So which is it? Is Business information always, or just almost always in the public interest? I'm going to guess that you realized your first claim was absurd, and tried to correct it by adding "almost".

Here's a hypothetical (which nicely refutes your first claim, and makes pointless your second):

Company A is researching a product which will bring joy and happyness to millions, cures athletes foot, and will do your taxes. Intrepid blogger B induces one of company A's employees to break his NDA, and publishes details about the research. Company C who makes tax software and anti-fungal powder, reads said leak, and quickly buys and kills company A before their product can be completed.

In that (very hypothetical) case, public release of private business information has worked against the public interest, and the unhappy public must continue with itchy feet and sub-standard tax software.

More importantly, one could make the same case for the public viewing of personal information that you've made for business information. It is certainly in the public's interest to have it be widely known that your are a hopeless alcholic, and constantly default on loans. But I'm sure you wouldn't agree that private, personal information should be publicly available. Why so for people and not for corporations, who are, at their basic level, a group of people?

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