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Comment: Re:This shit is already polluting the SF Bay Area (Score 4, Informative) 253

by Killall -9 Bash (#46405399) Attached to: Comcast Turning Chicago Homes Into Xfinity Hotspots
Same in Philadelphia for at least as long. Took multiple calls to tech to get someone on the phone who even knew what the fuck I was talking about. First two phone calls, the techs pretended(?) to not know what I was talking about. So, hang up and try again. Tech support roulette is fun!

During 3rd call to comcast tech support, I was told this was an "Xfinity wifi"-specific issue, and I'd need to call a separate number.

So, I called the dedicated Xfinity WiFi tech support number. They started by asking me what location I was trying to connect from. Home? Oh, well then, you need to call the home internet support number. 1-800-COMCAST. Wow. Thanks.

It wasn't until the 5th phone call that I got someone on the phone who knew what I was talking about, and they transferred me to a higher-tier tech who could turn off the hotspot.

Comment: Re:Color me Shocked! (Score 2) 157

by Killall -9 Bash (#46308041) Attached to: Safety Measures Fail To Stop Fukushima Plant Leaks

Yes and still with the newly disclosed leak they are still fucking right! You still will get more radiation flying coast to coast, from xrays, and from radium watches your father kept in a box than from Fukushima Take your anti-nuclear alarmist bullshit and shove it up your ass, you luddite!

Grandpa's pocketwatch, flying coast to coast, and x-rays at the dentist are external radiation sources. They aren't in your food. They aren't tiny particles in the air or water you can drink or inhale.

Comment: Re:most people never wanted local storage (Score 3, Interesting) 126

by Killall -9 Bash (#44267397) Attached to: Limitations and All, Chromebooks Appear To Be Selling

Outside of a minority of technically minded folks, most people never wanted local storage in the first place. They don't want to understand it, manage it, back it up, or deal with it in any way. That simple fact is one of the key drivers toward cloud computing, web apps, and away from the local-storage model of computing.

Everyone wants local storage. The non-technically minded folks just don't know it. The only drivers towards cloud storage are marketing hype, marketing hype, and more marketing hype. "Cloud" is the new "E-".

People's data is generally safer in the cloud than locally.

Safer from what? Hackers? The NSA? I think yuo aer confusssed.

Sure, workstation-type computers will still be available for the few people doing CAD, etc, but they will be far more expensive and not generally purchased by most of the general public.

Oh, I see now. Its still the 1990's, and the desktop PC is still dying. We'll all be going back to the client-server structure.... any day now.....

I know very few people who really want a PC any more. They virtually all prefer tablets, smartphones, and so on.

That's funny, because everyone I know already has a smartphone, and the few who also have tablets found they can't actually do anything with it, and still use their PCs/Macs.

The death of the PC is being predicted by retarded market analysts who look at PC sales instead of PC ownership. PC sales are down for multiple reasons:
1. 5 year old PCs are still fast enough
2. windows 8 is terrible
3. we are (still) in an economic depression

Big companies WANT us to buy shit computers that can't do anything, because then we'll HAVE to use gay "cloud" apps for everything, and pay monthly fees for the privilege. It's the first step in instituting a 21st century techno-serfdom, with IP owners replacing the land-lords of old.

Don't think so? Wade through the annoying and insulting Office2013 install process, and then tell me Lord Balmer isn't telling us piss-ants to get back to the turnip fields.

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by Killall -9 Bash (#43111439) Attached to: In Wake of Poor Reviews, Amazon Yanks <em>SimCity</em> Download
PeerBlock detects a connection to the amazon EC2 cloud when I attempt to launch SimCity. SimCity will not launch unless i disable PeerBlock.


I don't know if the SimCity main servers, or maybe just authentication servers are hosted by Amazon.... but... NO EXCUSES. IIRC EC2 has plenty of tools for rapidly cloning servers.

Comment: Re:They just can't do it, cap'n! (Score 5, Interesting) 605

by Killall -9 Bash (#43081685) Attached to: Why Can't Intel Kill x86?
Christ, I keep hearing this shit. I've been hearing the code monkeys lament the backwards compatibility tribulations of the windows ecosystem since the days of Windows95 fucking up 16-bit Windows3.1 code. AND IT ISN'T THE PROBLEM. It is A PROBLEM, but not THE problem.

I can name a whole shit load of things wrong with (pick a version of) windows, none of which have anything to do with backwards compatability, or anything else under the hood.

The problem with windows 15 years ago is that Microsoft didn't know how to innovate. All they could do is steal the good ideas of others.

The much worse problem with windows today is that they've stopped stealing good ideas, and started developing horrible ones in-house.

Microsoft is an alchemist that has discovered, after years of toil, a method for turning gold into shit.

+ - History Of Neoclassical theater->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "After the end of the French renaissance theater era theater survived from medieval times and formed a neoclassical theater term.
neoclassical theater centered french amateur theater groups run by the guild, one of the famous CONFRERIE de la Passion that has
kept the building in paris around 1400. This theater has a monopoly under the patronage of the palace.
Age theater is very long up in 1598 by a group of theater professionals hired LES comedians du ROI.
Author manuscript of this group is ALEXANDER HARDY. Who wrote the script tragicomedy tells the adventure and chivalry."

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+ - SimCity launch problems->

Submitted by Killall -9 Bash
Killall -9 Bash (622952) writes "from

Sim City recently went live on the Origin store, and as the perils of digital downloads go, masses of people are all attempting to download the game at once. While this wouldn’t be a problem if everything goes smoothly, it rarely ever does. EA and its Origin platform are taking a ton of criticism tonight as many are left out in the cold when trying to download the new city-building simulator.


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+ - SPAM: Texting While Driving Ban Faces Challenges

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InsureDirect writes "Many police departments in Pennsylvania have stated the ban on texting while driving is too difficult, if not virtually impossible to enforce. Even if a police officer is successful in ticketing a driver for texting while driving, proving it in court is very hard to prove. Texting while driving bans are being imposed to prevent drivers from additional distractions while they are driving."
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+ - Only Way to Stop Phonebook Deliveries in Seattle is to Give Up Your Privacy->

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newscloud writes "Seattle will soon shut down its popular phonebook opt-out website as a result of a costly settlement with Yellow Pages publishers. Going forward, the only way to stop unwanted phonebook deliveries will be to visit the industry's opt out site and provide them with your personal information. They will share it with their clients, most of whom are direct marketing agencies, who in turn commit not to use it improperly. The Federal Court of Appeals ruled in October that The Yellow Pages represent protected free speech of corporations (including Canada's Yellow Media Inc.); defending and settling the lawsuit cost Seattle taxpayers $781,503. The city said the program's popularity led to a reduction of 2 million pounds of paper waste annually."
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+ - Canon Shows the Most Sensitive Camera Sensor in the World->

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An anonymous reader writes "Canon announced today that it successfully developed a super high-sensitivity full-frame CMOS sensor developed exclusively for video recording. The new Full HD sensor can capture light no other comparable sensor can see and it uses pixels 7.5 lager than the best commercial professional cameras in existence today."
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