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by Kiaser Zohsay (#47272133) Attached to: X Window System Turns 30 Years Old

At NCSU, over the summer of 1989, the CSC department replaced a crapload of 68000-based four-terminal boxes running the UCSD p-system with DEC workstations running Ultrix and X11R4 with massive (for the time) 21 inch monochrome monitors and three button meeces. The basement of Leazar hall was filled with these things, and they showed up in other labs and other departments as well. Your home dir was NFS mounted so you could log in to anyone of them. There had previously been various other unix boxen for more advanced classes, but you logged in to those using a dumb-ish VT100 terminal or similar, so it wasn't my first encounter with unix (If you could dial in from home with a terminal emulator and a 1200 baud modem, you were pretty lucky).

Goodies like xinfest and neko were available, and I remember finding an .xbm of Calvin and Hobbes that became my first desktop wallpaper. The widget toolkit was Motif, so when Windows 3.0 rolled around it was already old school for me.

Damn. Now I feel old.

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by Kiaser Zohsay (#47154297) Attached to: Study Finds Porn Exposure Associated With Smaller Brain Region

Consider $(DICK_HARD) to be a meta-variable indicating consumption of media for the purpose of sexual stimulation, indicated by the release of dopamine in the brain, possibly accompanied by a corresponding gender-appropriate physical manifestation.

The correlation found by the study is between (possibly) self-reported hours of consciously choosing to watch porn and physical brain measurements. The correlation is real. Haggling over what is and isn't porn is not going to accomplish anything except making you feel better about your own porn consumption. Just because *almost* everybody does it does not mean that there are no harmful effects. And just because *most* people who say they don't are lying about it doesn't mean that all people who say they don't are lying about it.

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Probably this one:

This video started a journey for me that is still continuing. Anyone interested should check out the links in the About text on the YouTube page.

The correlation reported in the study was relative to hours per week (actually, the square root of that), so although there were no full abstainers there were some participants who watched less porn than others.

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If it makes your dick hard, it's porn.

That's easy, but subjective. There is a wide range of subject matter that is porn for *somebody*, but not necessarily everybody. Since the study measures consumption is hours per week, it would appear that the data for hours is self-reported, so each subject applies their own definition to their viewing habits

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Lack of planning is the problem. On a cost per square foot basis, temporary classrooms are very close to the same as new construction. The primary difference is lead time. A new construction project can take a couple of years, just for the construction, disregarding whatever political process leads up to the school board deciding to pull the trigger. On the other hand, temporary classrooms can be set up in a few weeks. My school district has done plenty of both over the last several years, including both new schools at new sites and expansions to existing schools. New construction has decreased the need for trailer parks at schools, but not eliminated it.

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My family started using it as a cross platform alternative to per-message SMS. Apple devices have iMessage that will use WiFi when available and SMS otherwise, but we have a mix of Apple and Android devices. We live in a rural enough area of the southeastern US that there are still places that we get no cell signal but WiFi is available, so its handy for that. We now have an unlimited SMS plan, but we still use WhatsApp for run of the mill messages.

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