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Comment Re:Derp, Lessig (Score 1) 210

He should use those talents to try to educate people that the "Two Party" system is a cabal of political oligarchs who fleece the people by convincing them they have a choice when in reality there is only "fork over your money or something bad might happen".

That is exactly what he is trying to do, but he needs to get in front of the cameras on the debate stage to do it.

Comment Re:wrong premise? (Score 1) 281

I was under the impression (having actually read The Mythical Man Month) that the premise actually was "adding manpower to a late software project makes it later" which is not the premise being discussed here.

That is correct, along with my favorite paraphrase, "Programming time is not fungible". Regarding the summary, perhaps the author should seek the advice of The Doctor: "Answers are easy. It's asking the right questions which is hard."

Comment Re:You don't give us a dislike button? (Score 1) 127

You may have seen "Out of order" signs on button that were not working as labeled, but have you ever seen a warning "Caution: Button works as labeled"? Probably followed by a "The above sign is meant literally" and a "Yes, that's true"

Followed by "Or maybe not, I'm a sign, not a cop."

They just need to call it what it really is: a "Feels" button.

Comment Re:Politicians Please, Not Professors (Score 1) 281

This started way before Aaron. Back when Lessig was pushing for copyright reform, the thing he ran up against again and again was the disproportionate influence of moneyed corporations. Recent events may have increased is velocity, but he has been headed in this direction for a very long time.

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