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The approach Google is taking with their self-driving cars is all wrong. The self-driving car should not look like a Smart car or a Fiat, it should look and work like a limo. I should be able to get comfortable and relax so I can use my time productively, carry on a conversation, sleep, or whatever else happens in the back of a limo.

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Here, here. Also, maintenance is a good way to learn how things can break, and from that you can learn how to build things that are less likely to break in the first place. One thing that people who work with me hear over and over again is "Fix it so it stays fixed."

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At NCSU, over the summer of 1989, the CSC department replaced a crapload of 68000-based four-terminal boxes running the UCSD p-system with DEC workstations running Ultrix and X11R4 with massive (for the time) 21 inch monochrome monitors and three button meeces. The basement of Leazar hall was filled with these things, and they showed up in other labs and other departments as well. Your home dir was NFS mounted so you could log in to anyone of them. There had previously been various other unix boxen for more advanced classes, but you logged in to those using a dumb-ish VT100 terminal or similar, so it wasn't my first encounter with unix (If you could dial in from home with a terminal emulator and a 1200 baud modem, you were pretty lucky).

Goodies like xinfest and neko were available, and I remember finding an .xbm of Calvin and Hobbes that became my first desktop wallpaper. The widget toolkit was Motif, so when Windows 3.0 rolled around it was already old school for me.

Damn. Now I feel old.

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