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Comment Re:The Microsoft key!!!! I've never used it...ever (Score 2) 360 360

You will not take my context menu key until you pry it from my cold dead fingers. I use that thing constantly. Maybe I use applications that hide an inordinate amount of functionality under the context menu (including my own). I really try to avoid moving my hands from the keyboard to the mouse (and back) until I absolutely have to, so I'm all about keyboard shortcuts. The context menu key is a handy one, for me at least.

Comment Off-site (Score 1) 446 446

Once it leaves my home, I no longer fully control it, which is unacceptable.

Until it leaves your home, it's not really a backup, it's just another version. Finding a media to survive a fire is solving the wrong problem. The correct problem is to find a way for your data to survive a catastrophe that may or may not be of a type that you can guess before it happens, and the correct solution is off-site backups. Off-site does not imply cloud based, although cloud does qualify. A safe deposit box at a bank also works. Your grandmothers attic works. There are plenty of places that are outside your home but within your control.

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