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Comment Re:Steam Link (Score 1, Informative) 140 140

"A PC that drives 4k is going to be hot"

Are you that ignorant of current processor and GPU technology? I've been driving 2048x1536 (that would be 3K to you) on my desktop well over 15 years with Matrox. Qualcomm has Snapdragon, meant for MOBILE PHONES, driving 4K. For gaming, it ain't getting hot unless you do something STUPID like pick some power-hungry GPU. For video, even without acceleration from the GPU, a shit-tier i3 can handle 4K video. I was doing 1080p video on a Geforce 2 and Pentium 4 back when..... Naruto Shippuuden first came out and DB started doing 1080p encodes.

Comment Re:WRONG (Score 1) 106 106

"I don't know what kind of crack you're on but the lasers I used would put out between 2 and 4 watts with over 20 lines across the entire visible spectrum." - Uhhh, what? I'm certainly not counting 20+ lines there.

Also, a measly 4 watts? I've got nearly double that in my pocket laser.

Comment Re:Summary is inaccurate (Score 2) 106 106

Not necessarily. While these emitters are tunable, I doubt the red is getting down to 700nm, or the blue going into the 400-410nm violet range. Most RGB emitters, even tunable are peak 630nm red and 450-460nm blue. So this wouldn't cover the entire visible colorspace very accurately when it came to deeper reds and violets.

Comment WRONG (Score 5, Informative) 106 106

This is not the first WLL. Those have been available for at least half a decade.

This is the first SOLID STATE WLL.

What's unique is that they figured out a way to grow three different crystals next to each other on the same substrate without having fatal flaws.

Holy fuck can the editors even be bothered to fact-check?

Oh, yea, what editors?

Comment Re:Scripts that interact with passwords fields aws (Score 1) 365 365

" I've been in the software business for almost 40 years,"

Software, not security.

"I suggest you study texts on encryption, and maybe read the technical details of how a good cloud-based password manager like LastPass actually works"

That's all I fucking need to know. A piece of paper holding my passwords is more secure in my wallet than my passwords are with LastPass or KeepPass. I also have the ability to actually defend my stuff if someone tries to take it, whereas someone hacks your shit and it's gone, you're fucked. By the time you realize it, it's too late, they've made off with your stuff.

"Your super-whiz-bang method still requires a password, it seems"

Good authentication requires everything, including a password. We could switch to biometrics, you're fucked because there are any number of ways to get around that, including taking your head off. With a password added for second verification (or third verification, in this case) taking your head does me no good unless I was able to get the password from you before hand.

"How do you hash the passwords for your sites? Still using MD5?"

You silly noobs using hashes and salts. Nowdays smart people embed that information in an image file, good old steganography. You think you got a password database? Enjoy the cluster of hentai you just downloaded. Get past the fact that there's information inside the image? Good luck decrypting the white noise format used to encode it. Unless you have used my server software, you aren't going to be able to do much with it.

Comment Re:Qi (Score 1) 86 86

" within 5 to 10 ft of the charger."

My god the amount of power you'd waste just to get a usable bit of power several feet out is staggering.

Not to mention - you'll kill your devices faster because wireless charging makes more heat - which kills batteries.

Stick with a wire.

Comment Re:Gotta agree (Score 1) 365 365

"Rolodex sits on your desk, open to any snoop that happens to walk past while you're not at your desk."

Given how socially-inept the majority of you geeks are, that shouldn't be a problem, should it?

Because nobody would want to interact with your social ignorance in the first place.

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