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Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 1) 262

You are wrong. Intel has a fab in Ho Chi Minh and the fucking job advertisements are posted directly on Intel's career page.

Only a fool uses wikipedia instead of going straight to the source.

Or, Oh, I dunno, read on the internet where this plant has been known of FOR FIVE FUCKING YEARS http://www.computerworld.com/a...

Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 1) 262

Knowing Intel's fucking coding system like a real systems engineer.


The first Character always denotes fab plant.

0 = San Jose, Costa Rica
1 = Cavite, Philippines
3 = Costa Rica
6 = Chandler, Arizona
7 = Philippines
8 = Leixlip, Ireland
9 = Penang, Malaysia
B = Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
L = Malaysia
Q = Malaysia
R = Manila, Philippines
Y = Leixlip, Ireland

Comment Re:Is he saying keeping tracks of inventory (Score 2) 92

"What market fluctuations, were not talking about the black market where is changes all the time but a stable legal market."

You obviously don't live in a state where marijuana has any form of legality, because the prices can be $5/g one day and $20/g the next.

You didn't hit a nerve, you proved how stupid and thoughtless you truly are.

Comment Too complicated/expensive of a solution. (Score 3, Interesting) 91

Toilets have held the answer for at least a century - float ball and fill valve. They don't require any specialized electronics, nor do they require power to run. Water levels get low enough, the float ball will trip the fill valve open and the paddy will get filled until the float ball raises up enough to close the fill valve.

Comment Wired to wired+wireless headphones. (Score 4, Interesting) 250

First, the pictures - http://i.imgur.com/moKxZEU.jpg and http://i.imgur.com/XCtxuqg.jpg

Old, cheap $3 pair of Cube headphones found at Big Lots. Had them for years, cabling finally gave out. Came across a broken Polaroid PBT598 bluetooth speaker set, literally the only thing intact was the gumstick amp/bluetooth board, and even then it had damage, it having fried a couple of SMT capacitors, the battery and speaker trace pads were missing.

So, first order of business, get the SMT caps replaced. Easily done - just salvage components from various boards I've got around the house. Slightly trickier was exposing traces and fresh metal to solder to for battery and speaker connections. Making it fit required Dremel and hot glue work due to the shape of the headphones, and as a result the thing does look like a total hack job on the case itself.

But if I want to drown the world out in its entirety, 2x3w strapped to my head certainly does it. I can't hear my garbage disposal, vacuum cleaner, or even the neighbor's loud rap music. Volume has to be kept at pretty much 25% as anything higher, while clear (up to about 60%, then the poor speakers begin to distort) simply hurts.

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