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Comment: Re:heat? (Score 1) 72

by Khyber (#49483359) Attached to: Samsung SSD On a Tiny M.2 Stick Is Capable of Read Speeds Over 2GB/sec

If you put the SSD in, you've just throttled the system from being able to fully utilize two GPUs. Yes, the system will throttle. How you couldn't pull that away from my explanation is beyond me. M.2 PROVIDES 4x lanes PLUS SATA Express (which is another 2x lanes)

Multiple functions are supported for add-in cards, including the following device classes: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, satellite navigation, near field communication (NFC), digital radio, Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig), wireless WAN (WWAN), and solid-state drives (SSDs). Exposed buses are PCI Express 3.0, Serial ATA (SATA) 3.0 and USB 3.0, which is backward compatible with USB 2.0. The SATA revision 3.2 specification, in its gold revision as of August 2013, standardizes the SATA M.2 as a new format for storage devices and specifies its hardware layout.

That would also include physics accelerators and GPUs in those device classes. You might need a micro power connector for something with any reasonable power, but that's about it.

Been playing with this since it was known as NGFF. When have you been using the stuff?

Comment: Re:heat? (Score 0) 72

by Khyber (#49480829) Attached to: Samsung SSD On a Tiny M.2 Stick Is Capable of Read Speeds Over 2GB/sec

As the M.2 drive sits on the PCI-E bus, it takes up PCI-E lanes. If you had 32 PCI-E lanes, you COULD have two GPUs on full 16x slots. Throw that M.2 in, well, now you've got 30 lanes, so at best, you're getting a 16X and 16x @ 8x lanes option. Remove the M.2 card, those lanes are free and you can run dual GPUs max throttle (assuming you've got CPUs that can keep up.)

Does that clarify things for you, some?

Comment: Re:Can we get systems with M.2 ports on the front? (Score 1) 72

by Khyber (#49480801) Attached to: Samsung SSD On a Tiny M.2 Stick Is Capable of Read Speeds Over 2GB/sec

"I can't connect a SATA drive to Thunderbolt"

1s and 0s are fucking 1s and 0s. All that matters is that the data gets where it needs to go and has adequate bandwidth with which to do so.

You could run a GPU off the M.2 slot. It's just a PCI-E 2.0 X2. You may not get the best performance obviously, but it would work. All it takes is the electrical contacts and data path and drivers.

Comment: Re:The main challenges... (Score 1) 142

by Khyber (#49420497) Attached to: Stanford Develops Fast-Charging, Stable Aluminum Battery

"The electrolyte is unknown"

From like the third or fourth paragraph in the article:

"The electrolyte is basically a salt that's liquid at room temperature"

Molten salts, in an electrolyte, pretty much. Probably something like ethyl-methyl-imidazolium bis-(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)-imide

Comment: Re:Pffff... Magnitude 7? (Score 1) 63

by Khyber (#49415761) Attached to: Fault System Enables Larger Quakes In California

"Laws requiring all structures to withstand an 8.0? Let's move past the enforcement nightmare that would be and look at the reality of building that strong"

You're horribly ignorant of earthquake measures for buildings. For one, overall structure strength isn't key, it's flexibility and sheer forces handling for the building itself, and THEN ON TOP OF THAT, it sits atop sliding pads meant to keep a good deal of that energy from ever affecting the building in the first place.

Speaking as a California resident, I've dealt with plenty of earthquakes. Outside, on your feet and on the pavement, you'll feel the fuck out of something as meager as a 4.0. Indoors, with our technology (assuming your place was built within the past 20 years) a 6.0 can roll through with the epicenter a couple kilometers away and half a kilometer down, and your pictures on the wall will only be barely off-kilter. You might have a few dishes in your cabinets moved to where the cabinet doors are slightly ajar.

Try living in the area and building in the area before you start speaking of things you seem to know nothing about.

Comment: RDP/RemoteFX Peformance? (Score 1) 34

by Khyber (#49409859) Attached to: Second Technical Preview of Windows Server 2016 Arriving This Spring

Did they bother fixing the fuckup they did in RDP8 when trying to access Machines using RemoteFX? Using RDP7 you could easily pull a 20K+ score in 3D benchmarks, getting near-native performance, same hardware and RDP8 dropped that by HALF.

If they haven't fixed that, I'm not interested and I'll stick with Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V combo using Win7 VMs.

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