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Comment: Re:How is this relevent? (Score 1) 410

by Khyber (#48268601) Attached to: Ken Ham's Ark Torpedoed With Charges of Religious Discrimination

" Do I really need to track you down and dox everything I find to everyone you know? Is that really what you want? Hush up now, it's past your bedtime, junior."

You got so mad over me being right (because you're a total fool in the firt pace) that you had to resort to making threats.

You lost your entire argument.

Oh, and just for fun - I'm a global horticultural research director - four of your Fortune 50 companies DIRECTLY CONSULT WITH ME in securing their automated food production facilities, designing new internet-connected monitoring/control systems, and even down to designing the buildings, hydroponics systems, LED lighting, the entire shebang. I get paid $2500/hr for consultation work. What the fuck are you getting paid?

Oh, look, have a nice guided tour of an FTSE 100 (That's the UK equivalent to Fortune 100) facility I built and designed (and SECURED from SSL/TLS attacks.)


Dox me? I'm already globally known, who the fuck are you, Mr. Nobody? Go take your empty threats to your mother.

Comment: Re:No FDTI (Score 1) 571

by Khyber (#48225747) Attached to: FTDI Removes Driver From Windows Update That Bricked Cloned Chips

"they just grabbed an existing microcontroller design and added an extra module or two to it"

AND somehow implemented a feature-size shrink on top of that, with another mask. Did you even read the tear-down?

They didn't grab shit. This was a new FABRICATION MADE AS A COUNTERFEIT.

I've got the semiconductor experience to tell you that for a fact.

Comment: Re:Steering? (Score 1) 163

by Khyber (#48222371) Attached to: How To Beat Online Price Discrimination

" It's like offering cheaper drinks on ladies night. Just because you aren't part of what ever group that they offer a discount to, doesn't make it false advertising."

No, that makes it discrimination.

Let's take two people and have them shop on the internet right next to each other so they can see the other persons screen. Same computer systems, same browser, same store. Everything is the same, down to having never bought anything from the store so there is no prior business relationship incentive in play. There is only one difference - one person is logged in, the other is not.

They go to the same item. The person logged in is told $4.99. The person not logged in is told $6.99

You can bet money the person not logged in, having no logically-based disadvantage versus the other person, is not going to be happy about that at all.

Comment: Re:Sorry They're Changing (Score 1) 571

by Khyber (#48222301) Attached to: FTDI Removes Driver From Windows Update That Bricked Cloned Chips

"So buy through their designated supply channel and QC what you receive to ensure its provenance."

You fail at logistics too, it seems. When you get down to it, the only way to guarantee authenticity is to rip the thing apart yourself (costing money) and analyzing it against a known-real sample from the company. Then to top it off, I'm DESTROYING potentially usable product to ensure that I've got real stuff. Now I'm losing more money.

There is NOTHING that stops shipment swaps. Even the best logistics places have this happen all the time.

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