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Comment Re:Khyber, if ANYONE's a moron, it's you... apk (Score 1) 106

*YAWN* Try again when you're an actual competent system admin, APK. You're completely fucking useless, outdated, and even 5 year olds know better than you.

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 586

"Sure, you worked at Hartz... it was in Tennessee"

A google search for 'Hartz Memphis Tennessee' brings up no businesses by that name.

When your first words are instantly provable lies, you have no traction nor standing for the rest of your words to even be considered.

Comment Re:From TFA: bit-exact or not? (Score 1) 170

"I guess that the problem is that this sounds like a PR stunt: Ten engineers at Dropbox do what many more engineers have been doing for years and only in a week!"

Technology advances. What took a dedicated team of people a couple of years to do 20 years ago (2D game design) takes maybe a month or two at most with a couple of people now days. MY current 2D game is proof of that. There's two bits of code to fix and then it's ready to release.

Comment Re:From TFA: bit-exact or not? (Score 1) 170

"Welcome to the real world. This has been looked at many times, and the questions that matter are well established."

And were answered about ten years ago when we got better fucking technology.

I've bothered to compile the source package and look at the straight-forward code. You very fucking obviously have not.

Comment Re:From TFA: bit-exact or not? (Score 1) 170

"no one gives a shit about _that_ to tell if your monitor is 24-bit."

As I said before, get with real fucking technology. Catch up, you're way the fuck behind. 10-bit (that's 30-bit A-RGB colorspace) 4K monitors, S-IPS, 28" for $600.

Yawn. As I told you before, we're not in the days of your shitty Apple displays.

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 586

" he was fired from his job at Harts"

I've never worked for Hart's in my life.

" fired from his job at Papa Johns..."

Incorrect, I quit and filed suit with CA DLSE.

"fired from his job at a porn shop"

Yep. HR policy is entirely too strict. Your third late, EVER, is termination. Even for managers.

"drug addicted, alcoholic Homosexual"

I'm a medical cannabis user because I can't use opiates. Not even Immodium-AD. Alcoholic? Not even. Homosexual? Not entirely. AC's hating because I get laid more than they'll ever achieve in their life.

"High School Drop-out"

Yup, and went right to taking the college classes I felt like taking instead. My GED scores still place me in the top 2% national percentile of traditional high school graduates.

" He can't even hold down a job delivering Pizza!"

This idiot apparently doesn't know of the multiple lawsuits against Papa John's going on in multiple states for everything from refusal to pay mileage to improper classification of employees. Again, I wasn't fired, I quit and SUED.

"we researched his ass (he's not a "Research Director")"

There are multiple videos and pictures of me in the UK performing my duties as research director. I've got the contract, the passport stamps to the UK, and more.

"and arrived at the only sound and 'logical' conclusion: a Complete, Utter and Total Looser!"

Can you trust someone that can't even spell 'loser' properly, let alone utilize proper capitalization?

20:1 it's APK and his furfag pals, since he's got such an obvious hard-on for me.

Comment Re:Khyber = the human "FAIL", lol... apk (Score 0) 1034

See APK fail fucking miserably since his HOSTs advice is OUTDATED AS SHIT -

Very soon Windows Defender will NOT be able to be turned off, and your HOSTs file will become FUCKING USELESS.


Comment Re:You've written a better database engine? (Score 1) 394

Oh, and so you know - said database is part of my GAME.

A literal 2D Second Life where you can do ANYTHING.

Try again when you understand that SQL Server is shit and better databases have existed well before SQLS ever did.

SQL Server does not support MINUS, nor INTERSECT - what a shitty database.

Crazee Edeee, his prices are INSANE!!!