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Comment: Lies (Score 1) 331

by Khyber (#48791477) Attached to: Would You Rent Out Your Unused Drive Space?

"peer-to-peer cloud storage network implementing end-to-end encryption would allow users to transfer and share data without reliance on a third party data provider."

Uhhhh, guess what? Anyone transferring the data is a third party by virtue of the transmitting server.

But you go ahead, and be a fool and think peer-to-peer doesn't involve a third party. You aren't the third party, just FYI. Those giving you the info are.

Christ it's like people don't think critically any longer.

Comment: Re:LMAO: More Khyber fails... apk (Score 1) 294

"Downmodding my posts not proving 'em wrong = you fail Khyber!"

Considering I haven't had mod points in a couple of months, you're obviously full of shit.


"where you STILL refuse to show me these 'camfrog' ads, which are easy to stop..)"

Install the program yourself, asshole. Since you won't, you're obviously scared that you'll find out just how WRONG you are.

So yes, HOSTS files are useless. Note how you CONVENIENTLY avoid the fact I can list stuff that bypasses HOSTS (like Opera) without any issues, making your HOSTS file pointless and useless in the first place. Let alone all the attacks that target (and bypass) HOSTS all day.

But no comment towards that, eh loser? Given proof, you ignore it and keep attacking on your other futile points.

You're so wrong. You're a running joke at google. Whenever the Helpouts service has a minor issue, we say "It's been APK'd."

When GOOGLE laughs at your ass, you should just give the fuck up.

Comment: Re:Aha: Khyber ADMITS it & fails... apk (Score 1) 294

"Yes: Avoiding DNS via fav. site hardcodes protects users vs. DNS issues (via fav site hardcodes). For once, you're right - however, ONLY BY AGREEING WITH 1 OF MY TOTALLY VALID POINTS!"

You totally miss sarcasm. No wonder you're so retarded and keep on about a HOSTS file that won't protect against DNS poisoning (If your hard-coded IP/DNS entry gets fucked, you're fucked, stupid.)

"P.S.=> Issuing downmods vs. facts & truths YOU FUCKED UP ON"

I haven't had mod points in a couple of months, so once again, you're full of shit and know nothing.

Comment: Re:WRONG... apk (Score 1) 294

" I'd LIKE to KNOW how you know that, if you don't use hosts?"

Easy - we had this conversation in the tech room on Camfrog, where actual tech people can talk without idiots like you spamming your useles solutions all over the place. Guess what? When you ingrain parts of the service so every part has contact capability with ad networks, if you block them all, you block Camfrog from working in its entirety.

Your HOSTS file is useless. All that whitespace taking up room and making websites unusable. Can be effectively and easily bypassed, subject to DNS poisoning, modern browsers won't pay attention to it (Opera, for example) unless you root your phone you can't access HOSTS, etc.

Guess what works far better than a HOSTS file?

Being competent enough to run your own fucking DNS server.

Which you obviously aren't competent enough to do.

Comment: Re:WRONG... apk (Score 1) 294

"So its useless in blocking botnets, malscripted sites, phish/spam sources & trackers to, & speeding you up via hardcodes hosts have (which also secure you vs. DNS issues too of ALL kinds)"

Yea, your HOSTS file will *CERTAINLY* protect against DNS poisoning.

What a fucking tool.

Comment: Re:Torvalds is half right (Score 1) 449

by Khyber (#48717299) Attached to: How We'll Program 1000 Cores - and Get Linus Ranting, Again

"The nature of the workload required for most workstations is non-uniform processing of large quantities of discreet, irregular tasks. For this, parallelism (as Torvald's correctly notes) is likely not the most efficient approach."

Please, he can't even PP his way out of a DX-OGL call/wrap. He's got zero standing ground to talk about paralelism when there are people taking Linux, making it run highly parallel, and it works like a goddamned dream. Being able to do all of those irregular discrete tasks without having to wait for something else to finish first is the goal.

People have worked on pseudo-parallel code for OoO and what not. minimum 200% increase in performance.

Meanwhile, Linus still refuses to fix a bug in kernel, which exists all the way back to before kernel version 2.x ever hit the scene, which alows anyone to hardlock the kernel (and could've been mitigated or entirely prevented by having some fucking paralel-capable code.)

Linus needs to go crawl in his hole and shut up. People more competent than him have taken over his project, and he's just bitching about it in a non-descript way.

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