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+ - Jagex Dev Diary: Creative Gameplay in RuneScape->

Submitted by Kheldon
Kheldon (1106161) writes "In their first dev diary for The MMO Gamer, Jagex’s Paul Mayer, with a little help from Kelvin Plomer, takes us through how players use RuneScape for more than just gaming"

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City of Heroes Sr. Designer Talks Architect System 56

Posted by Soulskill
from the farming-made-easy dept.
Kheldon writes "The MMO Gamer sits down with Joe Morrissey, a Senior Designer at Paragon Studios, to discuss the inspiration behind, and current implementation of, the Architect user-generated content system in City of Heroes. Quoting: 'Really for me, wanting tools so the rest of the team could actually come up with content was the idea. Because we have a lot of guys on the team that are hardcore players, they play the game all the time. Then they come to me like, "I’ve got this idea for this story, we should really do this arc with this guy!" And I’m like, "That’s great. I haven’t got time to do it. I’ve got plenty of other story arcs to work on." But, if we made the tools easy enough, then they could actually come up with the arcs, and we can put them out. Then somewhere along that road it dawned on me: Why stop with the rest of the team?'"

+ - Gaming With Your Children: It’s Not All Guts-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "EOGamer's ThreeDog offers some useful insight for folks looking to game with their children, ages 4 and up. He's reviewed 7 games just in time for Black Friday, which include why children like the games, why parents like the games and possible, if any, objectionable content."
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