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Comment: Re:Non-compete agreements are BS. (Score 0) 272

by Khashishi (#47370725) Attached to: Amazon Sues After Ex-Worker Takes Google Job

Freedom to sell yourself into slavery is not freedom. You seem to have some libertarian idea of freedom where a contract can trump freedom. If you are truly free, you can sign a non-compete if you want, but you are free to ignore the contract. That's basically what California says: you can sign the non-compete; it just has no power under most circumstances. There's nothing more free than that. Or are you a statist, who thinks that states should enforce contracts that violate rights, by enacting Jim Crow laws. If a contract has to be enforced, then it's not free.

Comment: employer health insurance is bullshit (Score 1) 1326

by Khashishi (#47357777) Attached to: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Religious Objections To Contraception

It harkens to the old days of the company store and the company town, where the company are "taking care of the employees" but are actually just indenturing them to the company. I'm not saying there is some national conspiracy between the insurance companies and corporate overlords to keep the peons in line, but why then is the outcome exactly as if such a conspiracy existed?

Comment: Re:Creating emotional response is not the issue (Score 1) 219

by Khashishi (#47352907) Attached to: Facebook's Emotion Experiment: Too Far, Or Social Network Norm?

There is no big difference between this and market research. The reason why this got more attention is because people are panicky animals and behave unpredictably. They need to be told (or suggested) what to believe, and they will adhere to this idea and so you get memes spontaneously appearing, and some ideas, including outrage, will pop up seemingly out of nowhere. We see this effect in research in music popularity (

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