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You're right, but you assume they have only good effects. They do not, they have negative effects as well.

True. It's perhaps easier to quantify the negative effects because they are measured in dollars. Diversity isn't really measurable in dollars so it takes some value function to compare the two, and that value function is different for everybody.

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Just because laws do not stop 100% of discrimination from going on doesn't mean that they don't do anything. If it stops 25% of discrimination, it's still doing a lot, and the effects are somewhat cumulative because people are going to become accustomed to seeing more diversity, and companies are having to make greater efforts at compliance to avoid appearing discriminatory. It's hard to prove that laws were a cause, but workplaces are a lot more diverse now than they were in the past. It used to be that flight attendants were just single young ladies, but I see a fair number of men now, and people of various ages.

You know, when people make these arguments ad human nature, I'm pretty sure they are talking about themselves. It's human nature to cheat and steal--I read as--I cheat and steal. It's human nature to only hire white people == I only hire white people. Human nature isn't some unchanging universal thing. Human nature in 1915 was quite a bit more bigoted than human nature in 2015. Laws certainly aren't responsible for the entire shift, or even the majority of the shift, but I do believe they played some part.

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