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Carpenter Who Cut Off His Fingers Makes "Robohand" With 3-D Printer 91

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mpicpp (3454017) writes with the ultimate DIY story about a carpenter in South Africa who lost his fingers in an accident, and now runs a company that makes mechanical prosthetics with 3D printing technology. "'I was in a position to see exactly what happens in the human hand. I got the basics of what it's all about and thought yeah, I'll make my own.' Richard van As is recalling the moment in May 2011 when he sat in a Johannesburg hospital waiting to hear if his fingers could be stitched back on. Just an hour earlier, he had been in his carpentry workshop sawing wood when the saw slipped and ripped diagonally through the four fingers on his right hand....After days of scouring the Internet he couldn't find anywhere to buy a functional prosthetic finger and he was astonished at the cost of prosthetic hands and limbs which began in the tens of thousands of dollars. But his online surfing paid off as it brought him to an amateur video posted by a mechanical effects artist in Washington State, by the name of Ivan Owen. Together, the pair developed a mechanical finger for van As, but their partnership has also gone on to benefit countless hand and arm amputees around the globe, through the birth of the company "Robohand." Officially launched in January 2012, Robohand creates affordable mechanical prosthetics through the use of 3D printers. Not only that, but it has made its designs open source, so that anyone with access to such printers can print out fingers, hands and now arms as well.'"

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by Khashishi (#46744589) Attached to: UN: Renewables, Nuclear Must Triple To Save Climate

Hmm, interesting story, but how likely is it that a keyboard would ever get repaired, with or without the legislation? We live in a throw-away society, and really only a tiny fraction of people know how to solder, let alone are willing to put effort into soldering something that could be replaced for $5. There are definitely pros and cons to every law. Do the pros outweigh the cons when you factor in actual human behavior?

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How is global warming a political sham? Politicians can somehow just wave their arms and move their mouths and suddenly the world heats up? I don't see politicians as having that kind of superpower. Or, do you instead believe in a giant conspiracy between all climate scientists and the politicians?

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