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Comment: very unimpressed (Score 2) 134 134

All the engineering in a car isn't just to make something that is light and moves fast. Slap a rocket on a small frame and you can go fast. It is a tradeoff between performance, safety, reliability, cost, features, efficiency, legality, and design. This thing looks like something that some mech-E students threw together as a senior project, not an actual thing that people could use. They make a big deal out of using 3D printed parts, but then they come up with a design that doesn't take advantage of any of the features of 3D printing, like the ability to make complex internal honeycombed shapes.

Comment: Re: Liberty (Score 1) 609 609

I wouldn't say that the civil rights acts are about increasing freedom, but rather increasing equality and justice. Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice some freedom to increase equality and justice. This is a good thing, but let's not contort the term freedom too much.

Comment: Re:Why not? It's free (Score 1) 283 283

While I'm all in favor for getting people to work to support themselves, Republicans have been working hard to make it not worth it to work, by killing minimum wage increases, encouraging outsourcing, and generally constructing a rent economy where people make (far!) more money by owning things than by doing actual work.

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