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Comment Re:Well ... what do you expect (Score 4, Insightful) 479

yes, shocking, people who immigrated to a foreign nation finally had to learn the nations language, just like everyone else who does that.

Only in their case, they got to wait a bit longer than most people.

I'm sorry, but the fact is that the russians that lived in the former baltic states had the ability to learn the native languages for years, but refused in their imperialist pride.

Furthermore, there is always the option to leave the country they illegally occupied for years and move back to their own nation of russia.

Comment Re: what price increases? (Score 1) 424

I actually haven't had hd-dvd, and i can see fine the difference side by side.

But compared to the huge convenience step from vhs to dvd and the quality increase, especially over time, blueray was unimpressive.

Dvd quality is good enough for just watching a movie, it doesn't detract really from the movie, unlike vhs's lines, speckles and broken tape.

The scam was that we traded in a ok system with a broken one, terrible copyprotection and other mess.

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