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Comment Re:Bandwidth over time (Score 1) 174

I bought the Seiki 39" for my computer when it was featured on Slashdot as a great programmer's monitor. So far it's just been my tv as we moved and are slowly remodeling, so I don't have an office setup yet. The plan is to upgrade to a larger tv and move the 39" to the new office.

As for Walmart stocking movies, why? Streaming is where it's all going. I admit there a paucity of 4K content, but I don't care, as that's not my use case. NTSC with a good story/plot is way more entertaining than 8K with a crap story/plot.

Comment Re: Short answer? (Score 1) 174

No idea why you were moderated troll. Probably someone doesn't like you.
Just today at work I went to a presentation where there was a lot of talk about Shannon's law. I don't think that the "rotating and polarizing the waves" is quite so rosy as you say. The noise floor is the issue, and we (humans) are pushing up against Shannon's law with 400Gbit. Of course that's on a 75Ghz channel, and there are lots of frequencies of light, but the more you get away from the "right" frequency, the more expensive the amps and lasers and etc become...

Comment Re:Actually great UX for everyone else (Score 1) 259

I was greatly annoyed that at my last trip to Costco I ended up buying the disposable razors for my partner, rather than just the blades of the same brand, because the disposables, despite the added plastic and size/bulk of the package and attendant shipping costs, I could get 14 instead of 8 for approximately the same price.

Comment Re:Forget what? (Score 1) 259

I once got a blender. Well, it was a comforter in a blender box. Someone had obviously bought the blender, replaced it with the comforter and returned the "blender" and Amazon didn't bother to check if the blender was in the box before restocking it.

They made it right, aside from the delay.

Comment Re:Actually great UX for everyone else (Score 1) 259

"For some people, not so much."
This. This is why I (try to) never go to Costco on the weekend. Whole families clogging aisles, huge crowds around the free food, people using the trip to Costco as some sort of fucking dystopian entertainment. WTF!

Me, I'm going on a weekday on my way home from work with my list on my phone, in, out as fast as possible.

Comment Re:Don't buy the cheapest cable (Score 1) 391

From (not certain that's the official standards site...)

  Like all HDMI-enabled components, cables must be tested to meet the Compliance Test Standards set by the HDMI Licensing, LLC. Cables must successfully pass a signal of a certain strength (Standard cable must deliver a signal of 17Mhz; High Speed must deliver a signal of 340Mhz) to pass compliance.

The HDMI specification does not dictate cable length requirements.

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