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Comment Also happens on Mac OS (Score 1) 148

Even on my Mac OS, running Minecraft, I see this. When Minecraft starts up, it opens a window, displays what ever is in the graphics memory, and then eventually clears it out and shows it's welcome window.

That graphics memory can be anything from screen rendering pieces, to other window data, etc.

I wonder if anything would survive a logout, and then someone else logging in?

Comment Darth and Droids ; Reddit (Score 1) 467

Has this gotten my money? Not yet. I plan to watch the Darths and Droids version of this movie first.

Now, I'd like to discuss two things that were mentioned in Reddit. I'm not asking for spoilers, I just want to open up some wild mass guessing.

First, what is the likelyhood that episode 8 will reveal that the guy whose name translates to a type of fish will turn out to be Sith-lord Binks, having stayed in the background since Palpatine double-crossed him way back in episode 3 by promoting Doku instead of him.

Second, how likely is it that Luke -- and yes, I saw while skimming through that he is missing (or otherwise out of the way) at the start of the movie will turn out to have turned dark at the end of 6 (after all, Yoda made a prophecy about him, etc. -- all the pieces are there, he could just have been acting "good" with the goal of Father+Son ruling the galaxy ... but darn it, daddy died. Hmm, maybe Luke + Binks as episode 8 lords?)

Yea, I know, but I said: Wild mass guessing.

(I think Binks as Sithlord would make a great plotline; I don't know if that's what will happen. Luke having turned bad at the end of 6, and hiding it from those near him at first, only to get away to found his own Evil Inc.? Until I found out that he starts this movie off in hiding, I didn't think that was possible. Err, did I just say "No, that's impossble"?)

Comment Jar-Jar the Sith (Score 1) 400

Everything else is a mere annoyance, even Jar Jar Binks.

Jar-Jar was a competent Force user, very likely Sith by the end of the trilogy.

Quick summary: Drunken Fist martial arts, highly successful even when the odds are against him, waves his hand before people agree with him, so low-keyed that people under-estimate him (so no one pays too much attention, letting him be out of the spotlight).

At the start of the trilogy? He's helping the good guys.
By the end? He's working with Palpatine.

Every aspect of the pacing puts him as the foil to Luke or Yoda from the original trilogy. He's just not looking for attention.

Comment Re:SamKnows ! (Score 1) 99

I am worried. Looking over their site,

Our regulatory clients
We work with Consumers, ISPs and Governments all over the world

So, this is a box that reads all my data sent upstream, and reports to the USA government ...

What does the privacy policy say?

It may however become necessary - by law, legal process, litigation, and/or requests from public and governmental authorities within or outside your country of residence

So, by request from governmental authorities outside your country of residence ...

That is no privacy at all. Seriously. This could easily be an NSA operation in disguise -- heck, no wonder they can just give this box away for free.

Comment Re:If abp falls then another will rise (Score 1) 352

Seriously, if pages are annoying then there are 10.000 others to choose from. These guys need another business model..

The problem is, I'm not looking for web pages. I'm looking for specific content.

There may be hundreds of millions of other pages, but how many Schlock Mercenary's are there? How many antipope.org's are there?

Charlie Stross's personal/author blog? Sure, there are other authors with blogs. I happen to like what he has to say.
Web comics? Yea, I've got a list of things I read. And there's stuff that I don't read.

Nothing else is an exact match for Irregular Web Comics, or Schlock Mercenary, or Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, or ....

There are things that can do a partial substitution. There's a bunch of lego comics; there are other decent story comics. And there's my personal choice for "best of the bunch".

What do a lot of these sites have in common? Oddly, now that I think about it, they make money by selling merchandise/books, not by selling ads on-screen. Hmm.

Comment Re:There are good reasons for gvt bureaucracy, rem (Score 1) 275

You clearly are not aware of how bad a no-bid procurement process can get. Sadly I've seen it in action and let's say it would put third world countries to shame.

Then again, there are rare times when no-bid contracts work just fine.
Start at http://www.schlockmercenary.co..., and read the next 6 pages...

Comment Re:I remember ..... (Score 1) 284

Why would you even WANT to have 20 browser windows open in 1995??

Well, on my NeXT slab, on the original WWW software, I would have lots of windows open. Every link opened in a new browser. I could easily move around, go back, see where I was, etc. Responsiveness was very, very high. Pages were simple, and presented information -- not trying to sell ads by downloading code from other sites without any peer review.

What do you mean, modern windowing systems have huge overhead per window?
What do you mean, modern websites won't work if you interact with multiple windows in the same session?

Comment Re: I think it's hilarious and ironic Facebook (Score 1) 220

Yeish. I had no idea it was that bad, actually.

So who writes these javascript specifications, anyways?
Who is at fault for leaking privacy data to a commercial entity without approval -- the commercial entity for asking for the data, the business that makes and distributes the browser without care for leaking data, or what?

And why is it that there is no "User is under 13" mode in the browsers?

Comment Re: I think it's hilarious and ironic Facebook (Score 1) 220

Cookies aren't even required anymore for tracking. Data can be stored in local storage, global storage, indexed DB, even in your web history...

You left out "Lets get a list of all your browser extensions, in the order they are registered to the browser". That turns out to be amazingly specific for any person that is concerned about privacy.

So, I use a normal cookie with a 10 year expiration, and a list of your browser extensions. No extensions? Cookie. Privacy minded person? List of what you are doing. What privacy?

Does anyone know a firefox extension that prevents sites from querying the firefox extensions?

Comment Save at shutdown, and occasionally grab web data? (Score 1) 111

So what ever happened to "save the random state at shutdown, and restore the random state at startup"? That, I thought, was standard behavior as of about a decade ago.

If that wasn't enough, then every so often (no more than once a day or so), grab 1K of random bytes from random.org, and add it to the pool at a slow and steady rate (when /dev/random would block, for example); refill that buffer when empty if enough time has passed.

Yes, that basically means 1K bytes, or 8K bits, of entropy only for /dev/random, that would not be visible to /dev/urandom. People using urandom are basically saying that they don't need the really good numbers, right?

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