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Comment: Re:Curse you, Entropy! (Score 1) 369

All well and good, but doesn't exactly solve the problem of greenhouse gas emissions.

Sure it does; you'd be extracting this carbon out of the air, or from a process stream that would otherwise dump to the atmosphere. Best case you have a net zero carbon emission, worst case you're using the same carbon twice (industrial waste stream to vehicle fuel to emissions) which is still a significant reduction.

Plus it cuts down on other pollutants, eliminates the environmental damage from oil extraction itself, eliminates emissions from the refining process and possibly reduces transport energy costs.

They just need to scale it up... easier said than done, of course.

Comment: Re:But ... (Score 1) 84

Ah, well I'll tell you something that disheartened me a little. The local radio personalities were talking about Bruce's journey as if it were some sort of publicity stunt, blissfully unaware that if it were it's at least 30 years in the making. That bugs me. I really would prefer that it help the public accept an entrie group of people that are pressured to keep a secret all their lives. We recently had a murder of a transendered person here that was probably motivated by lack of acceptance.

Comment: Re:But ... (Score 1) 84

We're not in disagreement that cell phone use is a dangerous distraction. The people you see drifting to the left, they're not using their GPS. Also, the problem with that sort of observation is that you're not seeing who isn't distracted. It's a bit like trying to determine how many visitors to a website have Javascript disabled... by using Javascript to detect it. "Oh look, 100% of people visiting my site have JS enabled!"

I do think I've run out of things to say on this topic. Maybe it's time to say agree-to-disagree? Either way, I hope you're having a good weekend.

Comment: Re:Damn... (Score 1) 461

by cduffy (#49556817) Attached to: Woman Behind Pakistan's First Hackathon, Sabeen Mahmud, Shot Dead

(lest see, how liberals who like to say that "you have rights for your opinion" and then mumble "but only, if we agree" assholes are going to react :)

Since you asked -- having a right to an opinion doesn't mean having a right to be protected from social consequences from your actions taken in airing that opinion.

Which is to say -- you're allowed to be an ass in public. Other people are allowed to be an ass to you in public as well; such is the market of public ideas. Mistaking people who don't want to be friends with you / listen to you / do business with you in response to your positions with people who would censor you (that is, invoke government action in response to your speech or act to make make that speech illegal) is a mistake.

You might ponder what it means that you believe in what you're saying enough to shout it from the world only from a position of anonymity (or, in Cito's case, pseudonymity). If there are people you respect for holding their convictions, did they do likewise?

Comment: Re:Americentred worldview (Score 1, Insightful) 163

The dipshit that modded my post down should have clicked the link. Since braincells are at a premium here I'll spell it out:

AC at +4 said:
2,500 people died and a poor country is devastated and all that makes the news is one dead American. Disgusting.

And what do you see when you click my link?

7.8 Earthquake Rocks Nepal, Hundreds Dead

Same site, only a day earlier.

'Moron' not only describes the AC, but the people who modded his post up and mine down.

Comment: Re:But ... (Score 1) 84

Am I a careful driver? Well, lets see ... over more than 3 decades of driving, including at least a decade as my job, I've never had an accident, so I'd say that yes, others could take a few safety tips.

We're not so different.

And I haven't seen a single non-commercial vehicle with a phone mount. People just don't buy them.

You should visit LA some time. The mounts are all over. You may be confused because they're not always in the window. Most of my coworkers, for example, have their mounts down by the cig charger.

Ask the cops who give out the tickets. If, for example, you're using bluetooth but you pick up the phone to dial a number, you're dead.

If by 'dead' you mean "ticketed" then, yep, you're right. That's why the eyes-free mode in the iPhone is used a lot. In LA the ticket is very cheap but the court fees push it up over $300. That has taught everybody I know to behave with their phones. Everybody uses their phone as a GPS in LA.

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