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Comment: Super-plagues et al. (Score 1) 326

by Keruo (#47939193) Attached to: New Study Projects World Population of 11B by 2100
The article mentions it vaguely but I predict this growth will be limited more by major outbreak of some disease or diseases.
Possibly some form of influenza or other nasty bug like airborne ebola should wipe medium portion of the population at some point in the future.
Alternatively, or should I say additionally rising pollution levels at highly populated areas will cause health problems at increasing rate.

Comment: Re:Another blow to Uber (Score 1) 276

by Keruo (#47714623) Attached to: Helsinki Aims To Obviate Private Cars
How is this blow against Uber?
Uber is illegal in Finland as taxis here need a license to operate and they have service obligation.
Uber would allow the drivers to bypass the service obligation by rating the user with note like "user is in wheelchair" and that would give the driver the option to skip the ride which would be discriminating towards the user ordering the service(although not necessarily directly obvious) and thus bypassing the service obligation.

+ - Finnish National Digital TV Broadcaster Starts Sending Bitcoin Blockchain 3

Submitted by Joel Lehtonen
Joel Lehtonen (3743763) writes "Finnish national digital TV broadcaster Digita co-operates with startup company Koodilehto to start transmission of Bitcoin blockchain and transactions in Terrestrial Digital TV (DVB-T) signal that covers almost the entire Finnish population of 5 million people. The pilot broadcasting starts in September the 1st and lasts two months. The broadcast can be received by a computer with any DVB-T adapter like this $20 dongle. Commercial production phase is planned to begin later this year."

Comment: So.. (Score 1) 2

by Keruo (#46840453) Attached to: Nokia Officially Ends up in Microsoft's Deep Pockets
The former Nokia X series is still being produced and continues to be sold under Microsoft according to Elop.
As the merger is now complete and Microsoft owns and operates the former Nokia mobile operations, Microsoft actually became a Linux vendor.

Microsoft now has a consumer product for sale which is running Linux as its primary OS kernel.

The game is over. Torvalds won.

Comment: Do you work for work, or work for a living? (Score 1) 263

by Keruo (#46336527) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: When Is a Better Career Opportunity Worth a Pay Cut?
Going after a startup for innovative work might me interesting and rewarding but it might not neccessarily pay your mortgage.
There are many benefits in working with well established platform and performing maintenance coding.

Personally, I would never accept pay cut for "I'm bored with my current job".
You can always find more rewarding job with higher salary if you really want to.
Just remember you don't have to rush out, and don't let the door hit you in the ass when you leave.
World is actually annoyingly small place and you will end up bumping into your old colleagues and it's much better if you are in good terms with them.

I actually did this kind of move just recently.
I left my old job for a position in a much smaller company with old, almost ancient infrastructure.
One of the main reasons for leaving was the salary, the small company does not have capital/revenue of even /10 of the old company but they pay proper salary nevertheless.
I didn't double my salary by switching but taking into account the layoffs which were foreseeable in the old position, I'd might aswell say I did double up.

Comment: Re:An Honest Question (Score 1) 213

by Keruo (#45687787) Attached to: Surge In Litecoin Mining Leads To Graphics Card Shortage
Problem with bitcoin and other virtual currencies is pretty much same as real currencies as well.
It accumulates to certain individuals who instead of keeping the cash flowing and market running hoard it like Scrooge McDuck.
The imagined lack of availability with increased interest drives the price point up for those who participate at the market and this creates valuation bubble.
Bitcointalk has nice estimates of the distribution in this thread

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