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Comment Re:Slashdot Paradox (Score 1) 417

I've liked science ever since I was a kid. All kinds of science. I particularly like science that makes consistent, accurate, granular predictions.

Compared to pretty much any other scientific discipline, climate science leaves me completely underwhelmed. It is pretty clear they have only the vaguest idea of how it all works.

Would I bet money on their predictions? No. If they were my investment advisers I would fire them.

Comment Re: It's election time in Canada... (Score 1) 258

There will be a Supreme Court challenge. And Harper will almost certainly lose. He is, after all, the losing-est PM in the courts that we have had in recent memory, if not ever.

I'm profoundly grateful for our courts and our Charter of Rights, which have done an excellent job of keeping Harper from turning this country into the sort of shithole he would like it to be.

Comment Re:not practical (Score 1) 466

Am I dumping my refrigerator and cooking food on a camping stove? No.

Sums it up well. I know people who wear a sweater in the house in the winter to use less heat, or leave the AC off on hot days. These are not people eating cat food, they can actually afford to make their place comfortable for themselves. HVAC is one of the wonderful things about living in the first world and billions would love to have it.

Some people just seem to need some sort of cilice I guess.

Comment Re:I bet they're not. (Score 1) 40

An out of court settlement is not the same as banning.

Hopefully many new numbered companies will jump in providing DNS services to ISPs worldwide. That seems to be their strategy.

There are no laws governing DNS, just open standards. Media conglomerates have been trying to manipulate those for years. Time for the good guys to step in and do so as well and see how that plays out.

Comment Re: Google (Score 1) 269

I doubt there is any filter anywhere that won't have an occasional false positive. I have had a couple. Also occasionally a spam will sneak through. That said, I use a catch-all on my domain so I get a huge amount of spam. I'm continuously impressed that it picks out my mere dozens of legit emails from the 5-10 thousand spams I get every month.

I have run my own mail server in the past. I doubt I could do any better.

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