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+ - Google and NRG File For $540m Bailout on Under-Performing Solar Installation->

Submitted by KermodeBear
KermodeBear (738243) writes "After taking out a 1.6 billion dollar federal loan through the Department of Energy to build a new solar power facility, NRG and Google have now applied for a 540 million dollar bailout to help pay off the loan. The reason? The solar plant isn't producing as much energy as they predicted — and now they want the American tax payer to cover for their mistake."
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+ - How Cattle Estrogens Persist in Waste Water->

Submitted by KermodeBear
KermodeBear (738243) writes "In the absence of oxygen, estrogens from cattle gradually change from one form to another which stalls the bio-degradation process. These estrogens end up in waste water used to fertilize fields. This causes the overall free estrogen levels to rise in the soil and rain run-off, which affects nearby wildlife. Government regulations cover other contaminants, but there is no regulation for animal hormones."
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+ - Dungeons and Dragons Links to Gang Violence-> 2

Submitted by KermodeBear
KermodeBear (738243) writes "Dungeons and Dragons — originally Satan's Game — has now been found to encourage gang-like behavior. In a finding by a three judge panel of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, D&D "can mimic the organization of gangs and lead to the actual development thereof." From the ruling:

"during D&D games, one player is denoted the 'Dungeon Master.' The Dungeon Master is tasked with giving directions to other players, which Muraski testified mimics the organization of a gang."


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