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Comment Re:You most certainly can be verbally abused (Score 1) 568

Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can do more permanent damage. Stockholm syndrome, being groomed, being broken down and molded, these are all this that can be achieved by words alone. Maybe Sarah took these things to heart and was incompatible with that environment, and it's healthy for her to express that. Nobody is expecting everything to change over one individual but she is not out of line in speaking her mind.

"Stockholm syndrome", "being groomed", "broken down and molded" - not just words. ALL of your examples involve more than just words - they are using words as part of a system of violence characterized by some form of imprisonment or threat of violence (assault). They don't work on people that can just walk away, or have access to other, neutral actors or supportive people. That is, they work only for people FORCEFULLY isolated or kept under constant surveillance.

So, you've just given us examples of actual, physical force and/or violence, where words are also used to emotionally and psychologically harm the victim. That's not what we're talking about, here.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 3, Insightful) 568

You're making crude generalizations on the basis of gender. I dare say that borderline bullying isn't a healthy environment for a lot of men or women; it's immature and unprofessional and, as Sarah Sharp eloquently points out in her post, by tolerating such a culture the leaders of the community in question are prioritising the "need" for people to express themselves aggressively over other people's potential need for respectful and sensitive communication. It's all very well to say that people need to learn not to take things personally, but the fact is that you can't possibly know - especially not over a mailing list - just what emotional or personal issues a person might be going through. Do you really a want a situation where curious and potentially talented developers are put off contributing to an important project because of a toxic culture?

What struck me about what she was trying to do, and I've seen others try to do the same thing, is to equate some comment or comments on a mailing list, or other post, as "violence". When I grew up we learned that "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me." That is, they're just words, they are not fists or knives or guns. It's not "violence" to berate someone or use colorful language or anything else. It may "offend" you, but taking offense at something someone says is entirely subjective, and impossible to enforce, because you end up with "speech codes", banning words, and other asinine restrictions until everything is a euphemism or metaphor until no one knows what anyone is talking about any more.

Bullying used to mean you're getting physically intimidated, punched, kicked, assaulted or robbed regularly. Now it seems it's enough that someone said something that hurt your feelings. And people can get their feelings hurt by things that are totally NOT intended that way by the speaker, just because of the listener's history or viewpoint.

Equating speech to physical violence is a very dangerous trend that will not end well.

Comment I am curious about one thing... (Score 1) 56

...what was the business case for writing a library set for some very limited conditions?

I mean, yeah, I guess it would be kind of cool to run Windows x86 binaries on certain models of smartphone and all, but honestly, under what conditions did they think this would be useful (beyond the obvious 'gee whiz' factor)?

Mind, I'm not normally one to go reaching for business justifications and such, but I can't shake the feeling that they did this to, well, stay relevant. These days, if there's an application that I really need that only runs on Windows, I either find a workaround, or fire up a VM (viz. VirtualBox) and do whatever it is I needed to do with that application.

There was once a time where something like this was IMHO desperately needed (I'm talking long ago, back when Win4Lin was a thing), but nowadays? I just don't see it...

Comment Re:reLOCATES the heatsink and fans (Score 1) 38

True indeed... but then, you can pipe it off to a heatsink sitting off to the side (meaning you can make the overall device thinner), and the closer proximity betwixt fluid and heat source means that you don't need as large of a heatsink (mostly because you're not waiting for a relatively large amount of heat to work its way out past the packaging.)

Comment Re:improve the world by gutting jobs? (Score 2) 79

It is to the point where some small towns will give away houses to young families willing to come to the country side to live and work.

Apropos of nothing, I would be totally down with filling one of those slots... but I suspect that as a gaijin, that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

Comment Re:I'm curious (Score -1) 240

I am against every form of government meddling in any form of business and individual lives of people. So I am partially for this deal, I am against the parts of it that strengthen 'intellectual property rights' nonsense. I am for removing government regulations from everything, so I am for this deal whenever any form of government power is reduced.


Chrome AdBlock Joining Acceptable Ads Program (And Sold To Anonymous Company) 328

basscomm writes: Hot on the heels of the formation of the independent board to oversee "acceptable ads", users of the popular Chrome ad blocking extension, AdBlock, got notice that AdBlock is participating in the program, and that acceptable ads are being turned on by default. At the bottom of the announcement, buried in the fine print is word that AdBlock has been sold, but nobody will say to whom.
United States

US Bombs Hit Doctors Without Borders Hospital 387

Prune writes: According to multiple news sources, U.S. airstrikes partially destroyed a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) hospital in Afghanistan, killing at least nine staff members and at least 50 overall, including patients, and this after giving its coordinates to U.S. forces multiple times. I'm especially saddened to report this given I had become one of the supporters of this charity after recommendations from Slashdot members in a discussion about choosing charities to donate to a while back.

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