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+ - Fan Community Launches "Ender's Game Fans for Equality"

Submitted by elfprince13
elfprince13 (1521333) writes "With talk of a boycott of the upcoming film, some enterprising fans have taken matters into their own hands. Rather than engaging in a boycott, they are suggesting that fans participate in a "political offset" fundraising campaign to counter the lobbying that Orson Scott Card's share of the profits might contribute to. The campaign is intended to support a variety of equal-rights themed charities spanning the political spectrum."

+ - Hands on with TI's Color-Screen TI-84 Plus->

Submitted by
KermMartian writes "The TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition isn't the first color-screen graphing calculator, or even TI's first color calculator, but it's a refresh of a 17-year-old line that many have mocked as antiquated and overpriced. From an advanced review model, the math features look familiar, solid, and augmented with some new goodies, while programming looks about on par with its siblings. The requisite teardown uncovers the new battery, Flash, ASIC/CPU, and LCD used in the device. Although there are some qualms about its speed and very gentle hardware upgrades beyond the screen, it looks to be an indication that TI will continue this inveterate line for years to come."
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Comment: Calculators; Python (Score 2) 183

by KermMartian (#42824035) Attached to: Summer Programming Courses Before Heading Off To College?
I've spoken to countless now-engineers and professional programmers who started learned programming by playing around with graphing calculators. They're ubiquitous, your audience is huge, and the built-in TI-BASIC language is surprisingly powerful. I'd definitely recommend he pursue that as a means to learn to think like a programmer, skills like structuring programs, prototyping with pseudocode, debugging, and all that. In fact, I wrote a book teaching those very skills. Alternatively, Python is a great beginner computer language in that the syntax is clear and cruft-free (yes, Java, I'm looking at public static void main()...) and crashes are generally graceful and easy-to-debug.

+ - TI Rethinks Graphing Calculators as iPad Apps->

Submitted by
KermMartian writes "Yesterday, TI spoke about two new apps they've introduced for the iPad. These attempt to replicate the functionality of their TI-Nspire CX and TI-Nspire CX CAS graphing calculators, without quite being emulators. They tout the large screen and ability to drag graphs as part of its appeal to help make math more visual and intuitive. Of course, they also acknowledge that since iPads aren't allowed on standardized tests, their handheld calculators aren't going anywhere."
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+ - jsTIfied: An online JS/HTML5 TI graphing calculator emulator->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Emulators are hardly a new concept; practically as long as there have been computers there have been ways to emulate slower gadgets. Browser-based emulators are a different story, and as the how it works page for the jsTIfied online graphing calculator emulator explains, the technology is just now coming together for pure Javascript emulators. jsTIfied can duplicate the full functionality of a TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus with nothing more than a web browser. Cue the usual debate about overpriced, outdated graphing calculator technology."
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+ - Quantum gas goes below absolute zero ->

Submitted by mromanuk
mromanuk (1318649) writes "It may sound less likely than hell freezing over, but physicists have created an atomic gas with a sub-absolute-zero temperature for the first time. Their technique opens the door to generating negative-Kelvin materials and new quantum devices, and it could even help to solve a cosmological mystery."
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+ - In Calculator Arms Race, Casio Fires Back: Color Touchscreen ClassPad-> 2

Submitted by
KermMartian writes "In what seems to be an accelerating arms race for graphing calculator supremacy between Texas Instruments and Casio, the underdog Casio has fired a return salvo to the recently-announced TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. The new ClassPad fx-CP400 has a massive color touchscreen and a Matlab-esque CAS. Though not accepted on the SAT/ACT, will such a powerful device gain a strong following among engineers and professionals?"
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+ - Stephen Hawking Claims 1st MIC Multiprocessor->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Stephen Hawking--the British physicist and cosmologist--claims his "Big Brain" supercomputer is the world's first shared-memory supercomputer powered by Intel's many-integrated core (MIC) architecture. Called Cosmos, the SMP supercomputers houses 32 Xeon Phi coprocessors with 1,856 cores in a SGI UV-2000 "Big Brain" chassis taking up five racks. Cosmos will be used to discover new planets and to answer other big-picture cosmology questions by the Miracle Constorium, which was founded by Hawkings and includes members from the most prestigious universities in the U.K."
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+ - NASA: Rumors about curiosity incorrect->

Submitted by
timmerman writes "Apparently, rumors about major findings on Mars from Curiosity seem to be a hoax, as writes NASA on their website:
"Rumors and speculation that there are major new findings from the mission at this early stage are incorrect. The news conference will be an update about first use of the rover's full array of analytical instruments to investigate a drift of sandy soil. One class of substances Curiosity is checking for is organic compounds — carbon-containing chemicals that can be ingredients for life. At this point in the mission, the instruments on the rover have not detected any definitive evidence of Martian organics.""

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+ - Syria off the Internet Grid->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "Amidst the ongoing civil war, Syria has gone off the Internet a few hours ago with all the 84 IP block within the country unreachable from the outside. Renesys, a research firm, keeping tabs on the health of the Internet reported at about 5:25 ET that Syria’s Internet connectivity has been shut. The internet traffic from outside to Syrian IP addresses is going undelivered and anything coming out from within the country is not reaching the Internet. Akamai has tweeted that its traffic data supports what Renesys has observed."
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