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Comment It's RTM / Inevitable Disaster (Score 4, Interesting) 316 316

Yup. The current "preview" build, 10240, is the RTM build. For all intents and purposes, Windows 10 is in its final release form.

In any case, given the history of these things, it's inevitable that Microsoft is going to push out an automatic update that massively screws up millions of machines. At the point, the very next update they're going to push out is an update that disables automatic updates.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 2) 249 249

Nokia's Linux-based phone was "flying off the shelves" (I honestly hate that term) to pimply smartphone enthusiasts, in limited production quantities compared to the rest of their line. Not to mainstream consumers.

I'm not saying it was a bad phone, from everything I heard it was pretty good, but it wasn't some guaranteed "hit" in the waiting.

Going with Windows Phone turned out to be a bad choice, but the other choices they could have gone with may have also turned out to be bad. It could very well have been a no-win situation. They just went the most controversial route.

Comment This will only change after a catastrophe (Score 1) 434 434

The only point I see this changing is if someone discovers a horrible, easy-to-abuse exploit in older versions of Android, and releases the mother of all DDoS attacks on the cellular network, prompting quick security updates.

Aside from something like that happening, I don't see the update problem going away.

Comment Re:At the same time (Score 1) 323 323

"If it were not for Microsoft everything would be like Linux is what you meant to say."

If it weren't for Bill Gates, some other entrepreneurial weasel would have taken his place.

The free software types rarely knew how, had the resources, or even wanted to bring their technology to the wider world.

Comment Industrial Revolution (Score 1) 154 154

If it's classified as "he period when human activities started having a significant impact on Earth", then wouldn't the industrial revolution mark the start of that?

Or were coal-powered factories all over Europe belching horrible soot and smoke into the atmosphere not good enough?

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