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Comment: Ridiculous Analogy (Score 1) 421

"Clocks may keep time, but they don't know what time it is. And strictly speaking, it is we who use them to tell time. But the same is true of Watson, the IBM supercomputer that supposedly played Jeopardy! and dominated the human competition. Watson answered no questions. It participated in no competition. It didn't do anything."

A ridiculous analogy. It's like saying the dog that fetches the wood to its master has no intelligence at all. It's the master that "fetched" the wood. AI is not pseudo-intelligence, but intelligence with restrictions. These restrictions and limitations go away day by day, year by year, as we better understand the brain and its workings.

+ - SPAM: What is Better Java 8 or Scala?

Submitted by Sam soni
Sam soni (3764061) writes "Very tough choice here, we know each language has its own ups and downs. But what to chose among two strong fighters is very difficult.

Scala is enjoying its 10th anniversary previous month (Jan 2014) while Java 8 just launched in March 2014.

Java as always tops the index but Scala has took attension due to its emphasis on functional programming. As Java 8 adds significant Scala features, there’s a case to be made that Scala will diminish."

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+ - Swift can be easily twiddled if necessary->

Submitted by Kensai7
Kensai7 (1005287) writes "...Swift. It really appears to be a very pragmatic language. If you look at the generated library header (in Xcode, command-doubleclick on any Swift type to see it), nearly all operators and types are defined there, in often surprising detail. In other words, few language features are hard-wired into the parser/compiler – the Swift library/runtime and the pre-LLVM optimizer are, instead, responsible for the language and its implementation details, and therefore more easily twiddled if necessary."
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Comment: Re:Willingness to pay differs per medium (Score 1) 333

by Kensai7 (#46338515) Attached to: How Mobile Apps Are Reinventing the Worst of the Software Industry

Are more willing because it is a rarity to have a well-designed mobile page that has the same functionality as an app, even if today's standards allow it. I blame both developers and manufacturers of OSes (Apple, Google, etc) for that. In order to lure customers to their systems they privilege functionality that otherwise could be universal.

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