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Comment: Re:Willingness to pay differs per medium (Score 1) 333

by Kensai7 (#46338515) Attached to: How Mobile Apps Are Reinventing the Worst of the Software Industry

Are more willing because it is a rarity to have a well-designed mobile page that has the same functionality as an app, even if today's standards allow it. I blame both developers and manufacturers of OSes (Apple, Google, etc) for that. In order to lure customers to their systems they privilege functionality that otherwise could be universal.

Comment: What can be done? (Score 2) 333

by Kensai7 (#46338115) Attached to: How Mobile Apps Are Reinventing the Worst of the Software Industry

The question is... what can be done to stop and revert this horrible trend? Developers need to further promote current and future web browser standards so we can have all the fancy functionality of the apps in a web page. It doesn't always work, but it should be the long term goal.

Comment: Re:Wikipedia is utterly broken anyway. (Score 1) 112

by Kensai7 (#46218577) Attached to: IBM Employees Caught Editing Wikipedia

"What matters is transparency. You can't prohibit people with bias from editing the truth in a "truth by democracy" project..."

I agree. I think the prohibition policy has gone a tad too far. Everyone in the end is biased, as he or she changes the topics he or she is interested in changing. I won't change topics I don't care or have an opinion. After all, I am not alone in these edits, that's what other users and editors are for in a community project.

I guess Obama cannot work on editing an article in Wikipedia cause so much is passing through his hands. :p

+ - Sony selling off VAIO computer business-> 1

Submitted by Kensai7
Kensai7 (1005287) writes "Confirming reports from earlier in the week, Sony has announced plans to sell off its VAIO computer division to a Japanese investment fund. Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) will take control of the operation for an undisclosed fee, and Sony will "cease planning, design and development of PC products." For a variety of reasons "including the drastic changes in the global PC industry," Sony says "the optimal solution is to concentrate its mobile product lineup on smartphones and tablets and to transfer its PC business to a new company.""
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+ - Second World War code-cracking computing hero Colossus turns 70->

Submitted by DW100
DW100 (2227906) writes "The Colossus computer that helped the Allies crack messages sent by the Nazis during the Second World War has celebrated its 70th birthday. The machine was a pioneering feat of engineering, able to read 5,000 characters a second to help the team at Bletchley Park crack the German's Lorenz code in rapid time. This helped the Allies gather vital information on the Nazi's plans, and is credited with helping end the war effort early, saving millions of lives."
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by Kensai7 (#45802239) Attached to: PC Makers Plan Rebellion Against Microsoft At CES

Personally, games was the last domain that kept me from ditching Windows (as they have evolved), so SteamOS is a gift from heaven, especially in the direction it is going. Microsoft should be scared to do more. Enough is enough with their dominating position. It reminds me of European cellular phone manufacturers (Nokia, Ericsson) before Apple came to shake their realities with the iPhone.

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