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Comment Re:What am I missing? (Score 1) 296

Isn't the difference in freezing/melting point based on pressure true of many, if not most or all, chemicals? In my chemistry class we learned that measurements were generally taken at STP (standard temperature and pressure). I have looked at ten or so web pages, and I found "The term allotropy is usually only used for elements. In the case of compounds, the analogous term would be isomers." So water doesn't have allotropes. Also, according to Wikipedia (, "Ice may be any one of the 15 known crystalline phases of water.". If that's what you were referring to, there are 15, not dozens. I could find no reference to pH -- point me, please? Thanks.

Comment Re:Ummm...? (Score 1) 129

As far as I know, he can't buy a hollowed out volcano; I certainly haven't heard of one for sale. A luxury submarine, on the other hand, can be purchased on the open market (albeit for a price that mere mortals like you and I can't afford), and I think it would be obscenely cool to own one.

Comment Re:Space for readability (Score 1) 814

Typography has en spaces and em spaces. I think there should be more space between sentences than there is between words, so I use two spaces. I might be convinced to use one if the one could be an em space. It definitely annoys me when I type two spaces and the software decides that there should be one. It annoys me when computers decide to fix my spelling, too: I spell better than computers do. Which reminds me: I also think there should be two spaces (or an em space) after colons.

Note: single spacing in this posting is under protest. Single spacing may seem to be much more popular than it is, because it only takes one programmer (or his/her boss) to override the preferences of many, many people.


Become Your Own Heir After Being Frozen 375

destinyland writes "A science writer discovered it's possible to finance your cryogenic preservation using life insurance — and then leave a huge death benefit to your future thawed self. From the article, 'Most in the middle class, if they seriously want it, can afford it now. So by taking the right steps, you can look forward to waking up one bright future morning from cryopreservation the proud owner of a bank account brimming with money!' There's one important caveat: some insist that money 'will have no meaning in a future dominated by advanced molecular manufacturing or other engines of mega-abundance.'"

Comment Kennita (Score 2, Interesting) 45

If we make bills different sizes, the $20 bill had better still be ATM-sized (or else buy stock in an ATM company). Oh yes -- in any case, buy stock in a cash register company. Unless we keep the bills the same size and give them all different textures, edge designs, or what-not. Maybe bills should be embossed in Braille? They wouldn't stack as compactly, but it might beat other forms of retooling.

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