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Comment Re:Ideas (Score 1) 694

A good start.
18. Enforce the 2nd amendment. It is not about hunting, it is about the citizens being armed as well as the military so the government can't tyrannize the people.
19. Disband the ATF. Prosecute agents and officers (ATF, FBI, Police, etc.) who willfully violate the rights of citizens. The murderers of Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc. should be locked up at the very least.
20a. Require an IQ test prior to voting. "You must be this smart to vote". Require voter to pass a written test on the constitution and current issues before voting.
20b. Require a voter to have paid taxes in the last 4 years leading up to an election. If you can't contribute you shouldn't have any say in how the money is spent.
20c. Require proof of past military service or other government to earn the right to vote. If you aren't willing to defend and support your country you shouldn't have any say in how it is run.
21. Line-item veto!

Comment Smartphone is the most convenient (Score 1) 415

I used an HP Ipaq for years, then switched to a Windows Smartphone, and now finally to an Android smartphone. A Kindle is great for battery life and daylight reading, but way too big to carry around all the time. The smartphone has drawbacks... bad battery life, small screen, but can be read in all but the brightest lighting conditions, and mainly, I have it on me ALL the time. I never know when I'm going to get a few minutes to read, and since I always have the phone with me it is very convenient. I have read hundreds of books this way in the last 10 years, in line at the store, in the bathroom, waiting for a pizza, waiting for updates to download on a client's computer, etc.

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