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Comment Re:Thanks, Scott! (Score 5, Interesting) 398

From what I can tell, most website operators are at the mercy of advertising agencies. Basically it's a case of let the advertising agency have their way with the site, or don't get any ad revenue. Or get another advertising agency, but there don't seem to be many of those that pay well.

Comment Get Wikipedia (Score 2) 218

This appears to be the Odia language Wikipedia. But I know you said there's limited Internet. So I suggest you get Kiwix with the entire Odia Wikipedia (.torrent link to a complete package for Windows), and burn it to CD-ROM. (Odia isn't a popular language, so it all fits easily.) You can also look at other language Wikipedias, both because they are more comprehensive, and because they could help the children learn those languages.

Comment Re:Is there a site maintaining a list of "bad" SSD (Score 5, Informative) 182

It takes a couple of links and searching through source code to get there. So here's the list of problematic drives, better formatted but still in regular expression format:

/* devices that don't properly handle queued TRIM commands */
Samsung SSD 8*

So, basically, all the ones I thought were the best. The list of whitelisted drives after it only includes those brands, Intel, and ST-something. So other brand may be unknowns.

Comment Can't be fuel-free forever (Score 3, Interesting) 265

Instead, they think the graphene absorbs laser energy and builds up a charge of electrons. Eventually it can't hold any more, and extra electrons are released, pushing the sponge in the opposite direction. Although it's not clear why the electrons don't fly off randomly, the team was able to confirm a current flowing away from the graphene as it was exposed to a laser, suggesting this hypothesis is correct (

He thinks a graphene-powered spacecraft is an interesting idea, but losing electrons would mean the craft builds up a positive charge that would need to be neutralised, or it could cause damage.

So they'd need to carry hydrogen and split off its electrons or something to neutralize the charge.

Comment Non-profit revenue streams (Score 2) 531

Firefox gets its revenue from ads. Whether directly or indirectly, through first Google, then Yahoo, and now directly. They never seem to have enough revenue.

Wikipedia gets its revenue from donations. They occasionally have a beg bar at the top. They refuse to accept advertising. They always seem to have too much revenue.

I, for one, would much prefer to have an occasional beg bar in my Firefox and no ads, rather than ads and no beg bar.