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Comment: Ironically this gives Dodegcoin legitimacy. (Score 1) 132

by Ken Broadfoot (#45792991) Attached to: Millions of Dogecoin Stolen Over Christmas

Some found a need to steal DOGE. It is tradeable and actually worth something... this only bolsters that conclusion..
I think Dogecoin is a joke and was intended as such but with all the alt coins I stay confused...

I am mining Bells. I thought they were more fun anyway...

Comment: Re:Super-low latency trading Considered Bad... (Score 1) 157

by Ken Broadfoot (#37505668) Attached to: Low-Latency Network Shaves Milliseconds from UK-Asia Traffic

I agree 100 percent... But what to do about it?
I would assume all this computer firepower will somehow level via market forces... BUT at the expense of little poor me and my e-trade account?
Seems to me the "knowing" of this could be used by someone who is smart... i.e. a "hacker" but again, how?

Comment: Re:Too bad (Score 1) 568

by Ken Broadfoot (#37336166) Attached to: Obama Admin Wants Hackers Charged As Mobsters

"The Tea Party is a creation of Fox News." Or the News Corporation all together. The Tea Party doesn't pass the smell test for me..
They simply "feel" wrong to me...

Remember when Clinton was running surpluses and Gore was talking about social security being put in a locked box? Where were the folks who wanted the debt paid down then? I remember Bush Jr. saying it is taxpayers money and we should give it back... i.e. Bush Tax cuts...

ONE MORE THING... reducing INCOME tax will NEVER CREATE ONE JOB. You can make an argument for reducing capitol gains tax, or business income taxes...
But individual tax? That will never will create a job.

If it did, wouldn't Paris Hilton, or Brittany Spears hire me?

A slow pup is a lazy dog. -- Willard Espy, "An Almanac of Words at Play"