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Comment: Memory Non-Lossy? I beg to differ. (Score 1) 426

"But they point out that this cannot be how real memory works; otherwise, retrieving memories repeatedly would cause them to gradually decay. By assuming that the process of memory is non-lossy."

Really? I can barely remember last friday night. Let alone my circumcision 50 years ago. What was that girl's name who slapped me in my face? Or punched me... it's so hazy.... Caroline? Katy? Maybe it was Jeffery..... so fuzzy.... I had her number written on my hand.... oops right palm....

Memory non-lossy my ass...

Comment: Bitcoin technology (Score 1) 404

by Ken Broadfoot (#46898375) Attached to: Rand Paul Suggests Backing Bitcoin With Stocks

Looks like as far as Rand is concerned, the technology of Bitcoin has been accepted... double spend problems etc... now he is worried about 'intrinsic value'.
While tying it to stocks is only one idea, tying it to something 'may' reduce volatility in pricing... but what?

I like Bitcoin as it is. But a second new coin tied to 'something' could be an interesting spin-off... The new IPO coins are usually tied to Bitcoins themselves...

I always wanted to do a 'Just-Dice' investment coin. Your coin purchase becomes a 'Just-Dice' investment account. The coins behave like any other coin but as 'Just-Dice' investment increases in value so do your coins... strangely this is STILL tied to Bitcoin. They all are really.

Comment: Ironically this gives Dodegcoin legitimacy. (Score 1) 132

by Ken Broadfoot (#45792991) Attached to: Millions of Dogecoin Stolen Over Christmas

Some found a need to steal DOGE. It is tradeable and actually worth something... this only bolsters that conclusion..
I think Dogecoin is a joke and was intended as such but with all the alt coins I stay confused...

I am mining Bells. I thought they were more fun anyway...

Comment: Re:Super-low latency trading Considered Bad... (Score 1) 157

by Ken Broadfoot (#37505668) Attached to: Low-Latency Network Shaves Milliseconds from UK-Asia Traffic

I agree 100 percent... But what to do about it?
I would assume all this computer firepower will somehow level via market forces... BUT at the expense of little poor me and my e-trade account?
Seems to me the "knowing" of this could be used by someone who is smart... i.e. a "hacker" but again, how?

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