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Comment: This problem has been solved on my desktop (Score 1) 344

by Kelsin5 (#29744643) Attached to: 10/GUI — an Interface For Multi-Touch Input
On linux, I use a windows manager that lets me bind keys for "goto firefox" or "goto emacs". Or I use virtual desktops basically for the same thing. On my mac I can use Quicksilver for the same task. Some pre-defined, determined key combination that brings me directly where I want to go. Any task not in my day to day works with expose, or alt tab, etc. Often Quicksilver solves this task quicker than these methods anyway. No zooming over a list, or stack, or grid, or anything. The keyboard alone can already solve these tasks with the mouse providing extra support when needed. While the video was cool, I don't think it solves any issues that can't already be solved in a much easier fashion.

Comment: Re:It doesn't matter.... (Score 1) 316

by Kelsin5 (#25567909) Attached to: Google Adopts, Forks OpenID 1.0
I could be behind on my OpenID knowledge, but I don't think any site that wants to be OpenID compatible MUST accept any OpenID. If you have a site that's free to signup for anyway, than accepting all openid's is perfect. I thought that this was one of the benefits of the spec. You can make a site that only accepts employees of company A easily if company A gives all of it's employees an OpenID. OpenID doesn't force you to accept Bob's self-implemented OpenID auth server, but it provides the protocol to do so easily. I want to see where Google takes this, could work out for the best cause while I don't see an issue with urls, my parents have no idea if they have one, or how to use it.

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