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Comment Some pointers to add as a Finn (Score 2) 760

In Finland One also gets his Driving license suspended for a period of 1 to 6 months if you collect 3 speeding tickets in a year, or 4 in a two year time period.
Off cource, if You're speed is 80mph on a 60mph area you lose the license instantly in most cases and court decides the time you're license will be suspended. If your speed exceeds like 30mph over the limit, you also have to do the driving school all over again.
And in Finland at least, that's a pretty costly process.

I was suspended for driving for period of 4 months back in days.....
I offered the Officer my pilots license, instead of driving licence, because I exceeded the limit like 40mph
No joy...

Submission If electromagnetic radiation will be proven very harmful for human ?

Kekke writes: These days of "everything wireless" You are scanned hundreds of times a day by different devices (rfid, alarmgates, airport security, etc..) Talk about cell phones, wlan's etc. the list goes on and grows. What do you fellow Slashdotter's think would happen, if long term exposure for the radiation is proven to be very harmful for human health. Back to stone age ? Tinhat's? The more time passes the harder it is to go back, if ever needed. What's the plan "B" if any ?

Comment China & U.S hand in hand. (Score 2) 366

As China for example is blocking citizen access to the new Pollution Documentary found here:

I think: Huh, thank God there's still some sane democracy elsewhere on this globe.
Then I'm hit in the face by idiotic actions like this one....

Do those ppl really think that denying is the answer ?
Does the problem disappear by acting like Amoeba?
Are these individuals actually so blinded by economy, money, growth...
What's the major malfunction here ?

Comment Not going to work. (Score 1) 134

Fingerprint biometrics is oldschool, and in my opinion very soon rendered useless.
This will be misused again by real terrorists, and the government.
The normal citizens will take the real hit.

Like to also ask if the government officials are also forced to do the same thing ?
If they agree, theres allready a way around this, if not well, it's government so no penalty.

All in all, completely useless waste of poor countrys money.

In space, no one can hear you fart.