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Mega Man 10 Confirmed For WiiWare 104

Posted by Soulskill
from the with-new-bosses-chair-man-and-bread-man dept.
The upcoming issue of Nintendo Power revealed that Capcom is working on Mega Man 10 for a release via WiiWare sometime in the future. "Like Mega Man 9 (released for WiiWare in 2008), Mega Man 10 remains true to the series's roots with 8-bit-style graphics and sound, and tried-and-true Mega Man gameplay." According to the early look at Nintendo Power's article, the game may include an easier difficulty mode, likely inspired by complaints that the previous game was too hard. It also previews one of the new bosses, who is apparently called "Sheep Man." Make of that what you wool.

Comment: Re:What's the deal with this? (Score 2, Insightful) 244

by KefkaTheMad (#21291449) Attached to: Evidence of Historical Zombie Attack at Hierakonpolis

Uhh, am I just missing something here? Is this article a joke? Why is this posted on Slashdot?
by necro2607 on Thursday November 08, @06:00PM (#21288405)

Doesn't it seem strange that the only guy bashing the articles goes by the name necro2607? Methinks he must be part of the zombie cover-up conspiracy, trying to keep their plans a secret while they raise their unholy army of the dead to conquer the world.

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